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Local Tower Regulations

City of Round Rock

In the City of Round Rock, antenna regulations are part of the Zoning Ordinance. The relevant section is Chapter 11.423, "Zoning Districts: Supplementary Use Standards". Below is quoted the portion of the Ordinance describing "Wireless Transmission Facilities", which may or may not apply to Amateur Radio stations (10 June 2002:)

(31) Wireless Transmission Facility (WTF)

     Wireless transmission facilities shall comply with all the following 

   (a) Generally Applicable

       Any WTF that is not operated for a continuous period of 12 months shall
       be considered abandoned, and the owner of such a facility shall remove
       same within 60 days of receipt of notice from the City notifying owner
       of such abandonment.  If such facility is not removed within said 60
       days, the City may remove such facility at the owner's expense.  If 
       there are two or more users of a single WTF, then this provision shall 
       not become effective until all users cease operations on the tower.

   (b) Self-Standing WTF

     (i) Setbacks

         The standard setbacks for each zoning district will apply to WTFs with
         additional setbacks or separation being required in the sections 
         below.  To protect citizens in their homes, transmission towers shall
         be placed a minimum distance equal to the height of the tower away 
         from any residential structure or residential zone boundary.  No 
         guy wires may be used.

      (ii) Proximity to Major Thoroughfares

         To preserve and protect the City's major thoroughfares, WTFs must be
         setback from freeways, espressways, and major and minor arterials by
         a distance equal to three times the WTF height.  The setback for these
         areas is determined by measuring from the centerline of the 
         right-of-way of the thoroughfare.

      (iii) Separation Between Towers

         In order to prevent tower proliferation and protect the City's 
         natural beauty and skyline, the number of transmission towers per 
         square mile has been limited.  New transmission towers shall be 
         placed a minimum distance from existing towers as described here:

         1. New transmission towers 35 feet or less in height shall be 
            separated from existing towers by a minimum distance of 1500 feet.

         2. New transmission towers more than 35 feet and less than 100 feet
            in height shall be separated from existing towers by a minimum 
            distance of 2500 feet.

         3. New transmission towers 100 feet or more in height shall be
            separated from existing towers by a minimum distance of 3500 feet.

    (c) Attached WTF

        The antenna support structure or equipment shall be mounted flush 
        with the vertical exerior of the building or shall project no more 
        than 24 inches from the surface of the building to which it is 
        attached.  Wireless Transmission Facilities shall not extend more than 
        10 feet above building and shall not violate the maximum height 
        restriction or building setback requirements of that zoning district.
        The attached WTF shall be textured and colors so as to blend with the 
        surrounding surface of the building.

    (d) Stealth WTF

        Any WTF with appropriate stealth technology design approved by the 
        Zoning Administrator may be located in any zoning district that allows
        WTFs as accessory uses.  Approved stealth WTFs do not have to meet 
        the additional setbacks for tower separation or thoroughfares.

For more information, see the City of Round Rock Website.

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