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Local Tower Regulations

City of Rollingwood

In the City of Rollingwood, there appear to be no regulations designed specifically for antennas or antenna support structures. However, portions of the city's Codes and Ordinances, specifically "Chapter Eleven: Zoning, Planning Development, and Structures" might apply depending on whether or not they fall under the rather broad definitions of "structure" or "accessory use for home occupation", and especially whether or not they meet the standard of a "nuisance". The Ordinances are over 150 pages long, and anyone with an interest in them is strongly advised to read the entire document.

There are some items in the Ordinances that might be of interest:

Subchapter G 

"Regulations Applicable to all Zoning Districts"
124. On a corner lot, no structure, fence, retainnig wall, berm or vegetation 
     with a height greater than thirty-six inches above curb level may be 
     constructed, placed, planted, maintained or allowed to grow within 
     fifteen feet of the intersection of the right-of-way lines of the 
     two streets bordering the lot.

"Prohibited Uses"
174. Any use that constitutes a nuisance by reason of dust, noise, glare, or
     other conditions that are offensive or detrimental to other property in
     a Residential District of the occupants of that property.

"Maximum Permissible Height"
178. No portion of any building or structure (except a chimney) may exceed 
     thirty-five feet in height.  Except as may be required by applicable 
     fire codes, no chimney may extend more than three (3) feet above the 
     highest point of the following: the coping of a flat roof; the deck line
     of a mansard roof; or the gable of a pitched or hipped roof.

It is not clear whether or not antenna support structures might require a Special Use Permit. If so, the following are relevant:

A proposed special use must comply with all the following criteria:

481. The appearance, size, density and operating characteristics of the 
     proposed special use shall be compatible with the surrounding 
     neighborhood and uses;

482. The proposed use will not have an adverse effect on the value of 
     surrounding properties nor impede their proper development;

483. The proposed use will not create a nuisance nor otherwise interfere
     with the neighbors' enjoyment of their property or operation of their 

484. The traffic that the proposed use can reasonably be expected to generate
     on existing streets wil not create nor add significantly to congestion,
     safety hazards, nor parking problems in the area, nor will it disturb
     the peace and quiet of the neighborhood; and

485. The proposed use complies with all other applicable City ordinances and

For more information, see the City of Rollingwood Website.

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