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Local Tower Regulations

City of Manor

In the City of manor, antenna regulations are part of the Zoning Ordinance. Section 5, "Definitions" defines radio, television, microwave, and similar towers:

Radio, Television, Microwave and Similar Towers means structures supporting 
antennae for transmitting or receiving any portion of the radio spectrum, 
but excluding noncommercial antennae installation for home use of radio or 

Section 8, Enforcement of Regulations, in part addresses tower height:

(c)  Structures and Buildings.  No building, structure or accessory structure 
     shall be erected, converted or enlarged, nor shall any such existing 
     building or structure be structurally altered or rebuilt, nor shall 
     any open space surrounding any building be encroached upon or reduced 
     in any manner, unless the same shall be done and completed in a manner 
     to comply with all applicable City codes and ordinances, and such work 
     and structure shall:

  (i) Conform to the setback, building site area, building location and land 
      use regulations hereinafter designated for the district in which such 
      building or open space is located.

  (ii) Not exceed the height limit herein established for the district in 
      which such building is located, except as specifically authorized 
      as follows:

    (A) The height limits prescribed herein shall not apply to television and 
        radio towers, church spires, belfries, monuments, tanks, water and 
        fire towers, stage towers, scenery lofts, cooling towers, ornamental
        towers and spires, chimneys, elevator bulkheads, smokestacks, 
        necessary public or private utilities, conveyors, flag poles, and 
        necessary mechanical appurtenances.  The height limits and other 
        applicable regulations for television, radio and communications 
        towers and antennas may be established by separate ordinance.

Section 25, "Single Family Residential 1 - District R-1" specifically includes towers as an accessory use:

(a) Purpose and Permitted Uses.  Permits detached single family dwellings with
    a minimum of 1,300 square feet of living area, and related accessory 
    structures, on a minimum lot size of 7,500 square foot. 

(b) Additional Permitted Uses.  

  (i) Parks, playgrounds, community buildings and other public recreational 
      facilities, owned and/or operated by the municipality or other public 

  (ii) Public buildings, including libraries, museums, police and fire 

  (iii) Real estate sales offices during the development of a residential 
      subdivision but not to exceed two (2) years.  Display dwellings with 
      sales offices, provided that if said display dwellings are not moved 
      are converted to a permitted use within a period of one (1) year, 
      specific permission must be obtained from the City Council for said 
      display houses to remain.

  (iv) Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work on the 
      premises, which buildings shall be removed upon the completion or 
      abandonment of construction work.

  (v) Water supply reservoirs, pumping plants and towers.

  (vi) Accessory structures and uses customarily incident to the above uses 
      and located on the same lot therewith, not involving the conduct of any 
      business or commercial enterprise.

For more information, see the City of Manor Website.

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