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Local Tower Regulations

City of Killeen

In the City of Killeen, antenna regulations are part of the Code of Ordinances. The relevant section is §31-602, "Zoning: Locations and Limitations for Towers and Antennas without Special Use Permits".

Towers and antennas may locate without a special use permit as follows:

(a) Within heavy manufacturing districts (M-2) if the tower height does not
    exceed one hundred twenty (12) feet or encroach into any restricted 
    airspaces or zones and is located no closer than 1,000 feet from any 
    property used or zoned for residential use.

(b) On the roof of any nonresidential and non-historic structure, within any 
    zoning district, provided the tower does not raise the height of the 
    building or structure more than ten (10) feet and does not encroach 
    into any airspaces or zones.

(c) On the vertical exterior of any nonresidential and non-historic structure,
    within any zoning district, provided the antenna or antenna support 
    structure or equipment:

    (1) Is mounted flush with the exterior of the structure or projects no 
        more than 24 inches from the surface of the structure to which it is 
        attached and does not raise the height of the structure more than ten 
        (10) feet and that said projection is at least 15 feet above grade; and

    (2) Is textured and colored so as to blend with the surrounding surface 
        of the structure.

(d) On city-owned properties and structures by city council approval. Location,
    design, and other restrictions to a tower on municipal property or facility
    are subject to approval by the city council, subject to the height 
    restrictions within this section.

(e) Citizen band and amateur radio towers may be constructed in any zoning 
    district provided they do not exceed thirty-five feet in height and comply 
    with all city codes and ordinances.

(Ord. No. 97-62, Sec. II, 11-25-97; Ord. No. 52, Sec. II, 6-27-00)

For more information, see the City of Killeen Website.

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