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Local Tower Regulations

City of Austin

In the City of Austin, antenna regulations are part of the Land Use Code. The relevant section is §25-2-531, "Principal Use and Development Regulations: Height Limit Exceptions". City Ordinance 910110-J dated January 31, 1991 revised the Land Use Code to enact §25-2-531, which previously was §13-2-608 (from 1981.) This regulation may not apply to you if you live in Austin's extraterritorial jurisdiction.

 (A) This section provides exceptions to zoning district height limits.

 (B) Subsection (C) applies to:
   (1) parapet walls, chimneys, vents, and mechanical or safety features 
       including fire towers, stairways, elevator penthouses, heating or 
       cooling equipment, and protective covers; and
   (2) ornamental towers, cupolas, domes, and spires that are not designed 
       for occupancy.

 (C) A structure described in Subsection (B) may exceed a zoning district 
     height limit by the greater of:
   (1) 15 percent;
   (2) the amount necessary to comply with a federal or state regulation; or
   (3) for a stack or vent, the amount necessary to comply with generally 
       accepted engineering standards.

 (D) The height of a home radio or television receiving antenna or a 
     flagpole may not exceed the lesser of:
   (1) 50 feet; or
   (2) if attached to a building, 25 feet above the building; or 
   (3) if located on the ground, 125 percent of the zoning district height 

 (E) A radio tower operated by a licensed amateur radio operator may not 
     exceed a height of 60 feet plus 15 feet for antennae.  The Land Use
     Commission may approve a greater height as a conditional use.

 (F) An antenna located on a building in a non-residential zoning district 
     may exceed the zoning district height limit by not more than 20 feet.

 (G) A fly tower that is constructed within a performing arts theater that 
     seats 300 or more people may be up to 80 feet in height, regardless 
     of the zoning district height limit, unless a lower height limit is 
     required by City Code Chapter 25-2, Article 10 (Compatibility
     Standards).  The fly tower must be:

   (1) located on land owned by the City of Austin; and
   (2) designed and used for moving set pieces, lights, microphones, and 
       other equipment on and off stage.

 Source:  Section 13-2-608; Ord. 990225-70; Ord. 010607-8; Ord. 031211-11; 
          Ord. 040826-67; Ord. 20080724-082; Ord. 20100923-132.

For more information, see the City of Austin Website.

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