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About Us

The Central Texas DX and Contest Club (CTDXCC) is a group of Amateur Radio operators in the central Texas area with a special interest in Amateur Radio DXing and contesting. Most of the membership is from the Travis, Williamson, and Hays counties of central Texas, with club activities centered near Austin, Texas.

CTDXCC is for DXers
CTDXCC member Richard King K5NA, with
his many DX and contesting awards

Many members of the CTDXCC are internationally recognized DXers, who have earned DXing awards for their documented on-air contacts. Several of our members have become DX themselves, travelling abroad and making contacts from the place like the Caribbean, southern Africa, the South Pacific, Antarctic islands, or central Asia. At our meetings, you will regularly hear discussions and presentations on DXing topics such as ten meters long path, 160M DXing, DXpeditions, low band antenna choices, 50 MHz DX, and more. If you have an interest in DXing, you should become a member of the CTDXCC!

CTDXCC is for Contesters
AF5Z and WS4G operating at N5TW, 2000 ARRL DX Contest, CW
CTDXCC members Bob Helms AF5Z and Pete
Brunet WS4G operating the ARRL International
DX Contest at the N5TW station.

CTDXCC also boasts some of the world's finest amateur radio contesters in our membership. CTDXCC members have competed several times in the World Radiosport Team Championship, representing the United States of America. CTDXCC members have won single operator categories in the ARRL November Sweepstakes, the IARU HF World Championship, the ARRL Ten Meter Contest, and the ARRL International DX Contest, and placed in the Top Ten in other prestigious contests. Our club enters team and club competitions every year in several contests. We are always looking to help new contesters who are passionate about radio and want to learn more about the sport!

CTDXCC January 2017 Monthly Meeting
CTDXCC members at the January 2017 meeting
at the Old Quarry Branch Library in Austin.
Club Activities and Fun

The club meets once a month, when a program on some topic related to DXing, contesting, or both is presented. The club also sponsors an e-mail reflector, where anyone can ask questions and stay abreast of events and items of local interest. There is a network of DX Clusters in the central Texas area, supported by the CTDXCC, and heavily used by CTDXCC members. CTDXCC supports contesting by sponsoring contest award plaques. Many members help one another with tower work and station design. The club sponsors the DX and Contesting Forum at the annual Austin Summerfest Amateur Radio convention. We are an active organization, with many opportunities for new members to get involved!

The Central Texas DX and Contest Club is actively seeking individuals with an interest in high performance Amateur Radio. We enjoy having visitors from around the world. We always welcome inquiries and input. Please contact one of our club officers for more information.


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