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Contest Score Rumors

2011 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, Phone

Call     Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults      Score
KX5A     K5XA     K5XA    SOAB LP       287    215     168,900
NU5DE    NU5DE    N5KF    SOAB LP       141    126      54,936
WI5ID    K5IID    K5IID   SOAB LP T/S   436    328     336,828
NR5M     NR5M     NR5M    SOAB HP      3384   1163  10,817,063
KT5J     K5TR     K5TR    SOAB HP      3391   1081   8,093,447
WM5R     K5NA     WM5R    SOAB HP      2869   1008   6,000,624
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SOSB/15       732    503     776,632
NQ5K     NQ5K     W5ASP   SOSB/15 A    1020    584   1,233,992
NX5M     NX5M     many    M/M          5864   1467  18,025,029
AB5K     AB5K     many    M/M          1033    466     803,850

NX5M ops: NX5M, KU5B, N5XJ, KJ5T
AB5K ops: AB5K, K9MBB

"Have you ever had one of those contests where everything just works great? Propagation is good for you, signals are strong, your long suffering line noise has vanished, your every move seems to be blessed with good fortune in short you feel at one with bands. I have too. But that was some other weekend, during some other contest. My contest started on 15 meters. At 0035 UTC, the Ameritron AL-1500 amplifier that I was using blew up in a most impressive display of POPS, cracks, sizzle, and smoke. The plume of smoke blasting out of the top tube vent was not unlike the smoke seen when a NASCAR engine blows at Daytona." - K5TR

"When your mother-in-law's 90th birthday happens to be on WPX weekend... well you better show up! If I hadn't. my 91 year old father-in-law would probably kick my you know what! All-in-all, it was a fun time, but 40 meters and 80 meters desparately need antenna improvement! Hopefully, I will get it done before the CW weekend." - K5IID

"I worked very hard this year on 3 and 6 point QSOs, so my QSO count was down, but my score was up. I was a zombie by the time I ran out of time with about 6 hours left to go in the contest. At one point I was in the chair for 17+ hours with only ONE 2 minute bio break! I slept the second night only and only for one and one-half hours. This definitely degraded my performance by the end of the contest." - NR5M

"It sure was great to finally have a decent 80 meter antenna to use!" - K5XA

"Wow! Great conditions on 15 meters. On Saturday, I was the lead instructor for our local radio club's Technician license class, so I was unable to operate most of the day. I ended up operating 8 hours less than last year, but had a substantially better score due to the better conditions." - N5DO

"Just a casual operation checking out things configured for Multi-operator, Multi-transmitter operation." - AB5K

"This was not a full time effort - we got plenty of sleep at night. It's hard to do a serious multi without enough people." - NX5M


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