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Contest Score Rumors

2011 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Phone Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP        1466     152     431    2,413,620
N5DO    N5DO    N5DO    SOAB LP         929     107     310    1,102,131
K5IID   K5IID   K5IID   SOAB LP A       685     151     286      764,225
NR5M    NR5M    NR5M    SOAB HP        2764     139     349    3,622,424
AC4CA   AC4CA   AC4CA   SOAB HP        1149     117     328    1,479,180
KE3D    KE3D    KE3D    SOAB HP         300     71      152      189,550
N5RMS   N5RMS   N5RMS   SOAB HP         124      42      83       43,875
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    SOSB/160 HP A   134      13      30        6,536
KU5B    NX5M    KU5B    SOSB/15 HP     1850      39     146      797,720
K2UR    K2UR    K2UR    SOSB/15 HP      858      34     109      388,332
N5ZK    N5ZK    W5ASP   SOSB/15 HP A    501      38     116      218,834
W5GAI   W5GAI   W5GAI   SOSB/10 QRP     455      30     101      170,955
K5TR    K5TR    many    M/S            3406     179     588    7,064,837
W5CT    K5NA    many    M/M            3387     174     556    5,600,560

K5TR ops: K5MR, K5OT, K5TR, WM5R
W5CT ops: K5NA, K5DU, N5AUS, N3BB, K3TD, AA7EJ, KJ5T, AB5K, NA4M, N5RMS,

"It's about time! That was fun. I had to take out time for the Rangers and then overslept a couple of times. This is the best I have done since moving back to Texas." - K5IID

"Susan and I had an 'open house' for this contest to invite new and inexperienced contesters to participate in a major contest. We had 21 attendees of which about a third were experienced operators. I believe that many of these new folks will move on to trying contests from their home stations. We used W5CT which is the CTDXCC's club call. It turned out to be a very good contesting call." - K5NA

"My best moment by far was working A52AB Saturday night. That's a tough one from here. I heard a VU on Sunday morning, but I wasn't going to take the chance of calling him when I really couldn't hear him that well. The only other multiplier I heard and didn't work was FP. I heard him on 21170 QSYing up the band but never found him again." - KU5B (@ NX5M)

"My claimed score is well above the existing W5 low power unassisted record (1.77 meg). I have still never worked all 40 zones in this contest - I missed zone 22 this time." - N5AW

"Finally the upper bands worked well! I hope you all had as good a time as I did. I wish my rotor pointed where the antenna did!" - KE3D

"10 meters was simply amazing. I especially enjoyed the last 40 minutes, searching and pouncing up above 28.5 MHz and working one JA after another, all with great signals." - N5DO

"10 meters was wide open during daylight hours and signals were really big. I worked 10 meter DXCC in one weekend! The band was busy all the way above 29 MHz. Skip was very long and it was hardest to work close-in DX. Last year, I had 68 QSOs in a mostly dead 10 meter band, so propagation was much better." - W5GAI

"10 meters was smoking HOT!!" - N5RMS

"I did not get into the shack until 0430 UTC in reality. I had about two minutes earlier and made one QSO, but then I had to leave. Then at 0630 UTC, all the receive antennas went dead. Drats! I could not isolate the problem and I was not going to walk into the woods in the middle of the night, so I went to sleep. I spent a little more time in the chair the second night. I spent the daylight hours doing some station enhancements. The new SW, N, and S beverages seem to play well. The new 135 foot vertical finally got a good testing, so I am happy with the results of that project." - NX5M

"After receiving a certificate for last year's effort in the low power class (my amplifier was in Colorado getting fixed), I decided to try hard this year in the High Power class. I only have a Mosley TA-32 (two-element tribander) at 20 feet above ground. I did not break any records, but I had fun!" - K2UR

"This year we did a small multi-single effort. K5MR, K5OT, and I did most of the contest. WM5R came out on Sunday for some much needed relief operating. The high bands were great. Congratulations to K5GO and their huge score." - K5TR


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