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Contest Score Rumors

2011 CTDXCC Sweepstakes Phone Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
K5PI    K5PI    K5PI    SOLP      305     72      43,920
N5RMS   N5RMS   N5RMS   SOLP      244     72      35,136
NR5M    NR5M    NR5M    SOHP     2040     80     326,400
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SOHP     1834     80     293,440
K5NA    WM5R    K5NA    SOHP     1787     80     285,920
NX5M    KJ5T    KJ5T    SOHP     1510     80     243,360
K5TR    K5TR    K5TR    SOHP     1485     80     237,600
NX5M    KJ5T    KJ5T    SOHP     1510     80     243,360
K5CX    K5CX    K5CX    SOHP      150     55      16,500
K5IID   K5IID   K5IID   SOU/L     500     80      80,000
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SOU/L     234     80      37,440
W5ASP   W5ASP   W5ASP   SOU/H     550     80      88,000
K5XA    K5XA    K5XA    SOU/H      80     80      12,800
KU5B    W5UH    KU5B    SRC       283     80      45,120
N5DO    many    N5DO    M/S LP   1150     80     184,000

N5DO ops: N5DO, KE5OG

"This is my personal best. I've gotten the station running much better than the operator but it made the experience much more pleasant. I actually wasn't overly drained at the end with only a couple of hours sleep. It seems like we had lots of new players in the contest and that was great to hear even though it was painful to explain the rules over and over. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to point them to a specific frequency where they could ask questions from an 'instructor' about exchange format? Who wants to volunteer to sit on that frequency for 30 hours?" - K5WA

"My first sweep - thanks everyone for the QSOs!" - K3TD

"As always I really look forward to the ARRL SS SSB contest each year. This is my 33rd time to operate the phone Sweepstakes. But this year I was a bit worried in the days before the contest as my voice was not doing so well - and I was not sure that I would be able to make it work for the entire contest. As it turned out my voice was in very bad shape before the contest started. So I sounded bad from the start and while it did have its ups and downs, I finally could no longer work people at about 0400 UTC. From that point on, I just kind of worked what I could when I could start talking at midday Sunday and I did some things that I would not have done if I were trying for a bigger score. I ran some folks on 40 meters (new antenna) in the middle of the day. I went to 40 meters way too early and stuck it out to the end on 40 meters because after the months of building this beast I wanted to use it." - K5TR

"It was a last-minute decision to go low power. I'm not sure when I last used my amplifier, but it has been at least a year. Thanks to Bill KE5OG, for the use of his Elecraft K3 and Elecraft P3 and doing the heavy lifting during some good runs. We were especially impressed with a great run he had during the last 45 minutes on 40 meters -- it seemed like there were a lot of stations available to work even that late in the contest." - N5DO

"I really enjoyed the contest. The best part was bumping into old ham buddies." - K5CX

"I had the pleasure to once again be invited to single op this contest from the KU5B/NX5M contest station in Somerville, TX. Probably learned the most during this contest about the improvements I need to make in my strategy. While my 1500 QSOs is the most I have ever had in a single operator effort it was 500 QSOs short of my goal of 2000." - KJ5T (@ NX5M)

"The station performed flawlessly. The operator made a few mistakes however! Sunday was a trial. I know rates slow way down on the second day but I really expected 10 meters to play fast and furiously for at least several hours on Sunday and I didn't want to be sitting on the sidelines taking required time off when 10 meters was hopping. I must say, however, that I had a blast in Sweepstakes -- as usual. And now I have a whole year to devise a better strategy for next year!" - NR5M

"We had company over the weekend - our 25th anniversary - so I had to find a way to do this with a chance of a sweep. I decided to do SO Unlimited effort, all S&P and try for an 80/80 sweep. It was not a good choice, as I think I spent more time in the shack than Ruthie would tolerate." - K5XA

"I greatly appreciate Susan K5DU and Richard K5NA letting me come out to their farm for the contest. This was my 17th consecutive ARRL November Sweepstakes Phone, and the 10th I've operated as a single-operator. It doesn't seem like I'm making much progress up the standings of late. I don't really get on the air outside of my major contests, and I think that might be holding me back." - WM5R (@ K5NA)

"I took quite a lot of time off to do other things like watch the University of Houston knock SMU down on Saturday to go 11-0 on the season! Go Coogs! I got back on 15 meters on Sunday evening and had a pretty good run of mostly W6/W7s." - KU5B (W5UH)

"My goal was a sweep. Once I finished that, I didn't want to stop, so I kept going to 500 QSOs. 10 meter and 15 meter conditions were very good. It has been a long time since I tuned 10 meters with S0 noise level and all of a sudden there was a 20 over S9 signal. Memories of years past!" - K5IID

"Just a few hours on the air." - K5PI


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