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Contest Score Rumors

2011 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Call     Op       Station   Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW      SOAB LP          1583    432  2,051,568
W5GAI    W5GAI    W5GAI     SOAB LP           359    188    202,476
K5XA     K5XA     K5XA      SOAB LP           311     63     58,023
K5IID    K5IID    K5IID     SOAB LP A         610    304    556,320
KL5DX    N5XZ     KL7AA     SOAB HP          1050     89    278,481
AD5A     AD5A     AD5A      SOAB HP           427    163    208,803
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA      SOAB HP A        2071    556  3,427,740
K5WA     K5WA     K5WA      SOAB HP A        1921    523  3,014,049
AC4CA    AC4CA    AC4CA     SOAB HP A         903    294    792,036
AB5EB    AB5EB    AB5EB     SOAB HP A         700    230    483,000
K5XR     W5ASP    K5XR      SOAB HP A         610    212    387,324
K5FP     K5FP     K5FP      SOSB/15           417     91    112,749
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR      SOSB/15           347     93     96,813   
K5TR     many     K5TR      M/S HP           2963    535  4,680,180
NR5M     many     NR5M      M/M HP           5294    592  9,249,408

K5TR ops: K5PI, K5OT, K5TR
NR5M ops: N1XS, NX5M, KU5B, K5GA, K5RT, KG5U, W0MM, W5ZL, NM5M, AD5Q, NR5M

"This was my first effort at contesting in over 10 years. I had a lot of fun." - AB5EB

"It just gets more and more obvious that age does indeed catch up with you! I don't know if I ever did a full 48 hours before, but certainly did more than 19 1/2 hours in past contests. Just too many necessary naps and restroom breaks. No way I will ever be any kind of competition these days... b ut damn it's still FUN! Good Lord willin', I'll be here for the next one!" - K5IID

"That was fun but I'll bet being on the East coast would have been even more fun. Richard K5NA must have decided he was going to kick my tail (again) and managed to beat me in EVERY packet pileup we tried. I'm sure he beat me simply because he has a shorter call..." - K5WA

"My conception of the first 24 hours of this contest was that Bob K5WA had secretly built a super station or moved to Maine. Or perhaps had finally been designated as an official VOA station. He seemed to be beating me in every pileup that the two of us were in. I was getting pretty frustrated with losing pileups to him. It is funny how our two perceptions of the contest were so different. I guess it just shows that the winner of a pileup doesn't always know who he has beaten. But the loser knows." - K5NA

"Conditions were good to Europe and Japan, but with small antennas I had to wait my turn. Lots of fun though." - K5FP

"It was startling how much conditions were improved from the 'bad old days' of the solar minimum. We saw the flux reported at 109, so I guess that explains it. We ran Europe for several hours both mornings on 15 meters. On Saturday morning, we essentially went straight from 40 meters to 15 meters. We also had very nice JA runs on 15 meters both afternoons as well. While we didn't have enough 10 meter propagation to run, we were able to work a LOT of countries. We worked Japan on 10 meters, and I think that's the first time I've done that in years. Low band conditions were good, too, and we didn't have much noise." - K5PI (@ K5TR)

"Other commitments made this a part-time effort doing search and pounce. The higher solar flux opened up 10 meters. Or was it just because there was a contest on? All of the bands were more open than any recent contest. 40 meters was easy for to work anything I could hear, so I stayed there longer than any other band. I even managed a couple Europeans on 160 meters, my first this season." - W5GAI

"The station played pretty well (aside from a few changeover/setup errors - mea culpa!) Line noise was mostly gone this time, but there are still a few demons to exorcize. I am looking forward to the time when changeover from a Multi-Multi operation to an SO2R operation to a Limited-Multi VHF operation at the station is all done with software instead of cables and sweat! Maybe then it won't be the middle of the contest when everything is finally running smoothly!" - NR5M

"I had bad noise problems on both Force 12 C31-XRs. It varies by direction, so it's local! During the contest, it limited me on 20 meters, and was virtually unusable on 10 meters and 15 meters. But 40 meters played great! Another project!" - K5XA

"I'm pretty happy with this one considering the fact that I was strictly part time on this contest. I didn't expect to make 1000 QSOs. I missed the first night and the second day completely, so consequently I missed the better 15 meter openings. I tried a bit of 15 meters on Sunday, but only made a few QSOs and multipliers. However, I was very pleased with some of the extended runs I had and some good rates, too. 20 meters seemed to take a dip Sunday around 11:00 AM, but it picked back up later. I came up one short for a USA sweep on 20 meters (where were you Vermont?)" - N5XZ (@ KL7AA)

"With increasing sunspots, I had high hopes for breaking the 5th call area record I set last year. Those hopes were dashed - first by a storm on February 1 which damaged 6 of my 10 antennas, and then by below-par conditions on 15 meters, my 'money band' last year. Still, I can take some consolation from a new personal best for total multipliers in this contest." - N5AW

"I had a little time over the weekend, so I decided to make a few QSOs. I mainly operated early morning and in the evenings. I stayed away from 20 meters for the most part and wasn't around the radio when 10 meters opened up. I had some good runs to Europe and Japan on 15 meters and a good run to Japan on 40 meters." - AD5A

"Boy what crazy conditions on 15 meters here in the southern Hoosier state! No LA, SM, or OH! There must have been a auroral cloud over my QTH!" - K2UR

"I hope everybody had a good a time as I did." - AC4CA


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