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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, Phone

Call     Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults      Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SOAB LP       295    220     224,180
WM5R     WM5R     WM5R    SOAB LP        31     29       1,218
KX5A     K5XA     K5XA    SOAB LP A     506    300     268,200
NR5M     NR5M     NR5M    SOAB HP      3740   1105   9,593,610
AD5VJ    AD5VJ    AD5VJ   SOAB HP      1059    514   1,318,410
K5PI     W5KFT    K5PI    SOAB HP       785    368     455,216
K5NZ     K5NZ     K5NZ    SOAB HP A     362    228     135,660
NX5M     NX5M     NX5M    SOSB/15      1652    765   2,461,005
NQ5K     NQ5K     W5ASP   SOSB/15       834    420     945,000
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SOSB/15       715    449     612,436
NA5TR    NA5TR    NA5TR   SOSB/15       438    263     207,244
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SOSB/15       127     93      25,203
KU5B     NX5M     KU5B    SOSB/10       536    280     321,160
WC5T     W5KFT    many    M/S          2406    806   3,794,648

WC5T ops: K5PI, N1XS, K5TWJ

"This is the highest score I have ever made in a contest and the first time I have broken a million points or even 600,000 for that matter. I had something driving me I cannot explain: I wanted to quit multiple times and call it a night or day, but I just couldn't-- I had seen so many guys with well over a million points and just had to get there myself at least once to know how it felt." - AD5VJ

"I had a great time! And I learned a lot about my new Elecraft K3, and the interface to N1MM. I had some antenna issues - the Yagi array with the Force 12 C31 and Force 12 240N wouldn't turn due to lightning damage to the rotor, and the antennas were pointed to 315 degrees azimuth. The other C31 is side-mounted fixed to 45 degrees. So I spent a lot of time switching VFOs with and without N1MM (sometimes on purpose, sometimes accidentally), and switching antennas via the Elecraft K3 switch or the Ameritron RCS-8V. I even managed to load the old Fritzel OCF dipole on 160 meters long enough for four stateside QSOs." - K5XA

"I had never done a single-band 15 meters effort in WPX SSB before, so I decided to give it a try. I did not know how much time I would spend doing it, but other than sleeping a little late both mornings, I ended up sticking with it. I had a pretty good time although it became increasingly difficult to talk due to a raw spot on the tip of my tongue (no, I did not put it somewhere I should not have). N5DTT claims he worked me long path. I did not dispute it. He is maybe 50 miles away, but he insisted that he was working me long path because he was pointing southwest and I am northeast of him. I found this to be pretty funny! Whatever." - NX5M

"Just for fun - too much else going on for a full time effort and phone is not my favorite mode either. Good activity level - especially from South and Central America - compared to other contests. Conditions seemed much better the short time I was on Saturday compared to Sunday. I worked only a handfull of US stations - mostly S&P but had nice little run to South American and Central America on 10 meters on Sunday afternoon. I wish all 48 hour contests had the 36 hour single op limit like this one!" - N5AW

"I made a few QSOs on the side with my own call as we did a multi-single at W5KFT." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"WPX is my favorite sleep deprivation contest. Three sleep hours out of 60 (since waking up on Friday morning). Remember all sleep must be wedged between the last European and the first Japanese station on 40 meters each night. By Sunday afternoon, I was totally incoherent (apologies to all who worked me then!) This contest proved to me what others had been saying: 'you are not 30/40-something anymore.'" - NR5M

"The high bands are coming back! We worked 35 CQ zones on 15 meters. What a treat to find 15 meters full of Europeans each morning, and a nice batch of Japanese stations in the afternoon. This went a long way to dulling the pain of SSB for Chris and me, who are pretty hard core CW bigots. :-)" - K5PI (@ WC5T)

"Interesting conditions. I've learned not to expect anything from 10 meters. Once again, I'm grateful to Bob and family for letting me come play. Being able to go to one of the best 10 meter stations in the US is really fun. We'd originally planned a multi-op of some sort but I couldn't get enough people, so when Bob asked me what band I'd like to do I told him 10 meters. He said 'You must be kidding, right?' Nope. I wasn't really in the mood to fight the QRM on 20 meters or 40 meters and I told him that he should do 15 meters since it's been pretty decent to Europe and Japan lately. I can't wait for 10 meters to consistently open." - KU5B (@ NX5M)

"15 meters is getting closer to being back! There was a great opening to Southeast Asia early Saturday evening, in which I worked both Thailand and Vietnam (which are usually hard for me to work on any band) but Europe was still spotty. I worked one GW station, but no other G's at all. In the US, I was able to work a few 5's on backscatter, but very few 6's or 0's. Thanks for all the fun." - N5DO

"I lost interest mid-day Saturday after my amplifier quit working. I have to use a generator, and discovered the amp doesn't like 255 volts on the supply line. I am hoping all I did was ruin the filter caps. Up until then, it was good. Decent Japanese and Pacific totals on Friday afternoon, lots of Europeanss and a few Mediterranean stations Saturday morning, and enough Ws and VEs to keep things going throughout. I was having fun until the amplifier quit about 11AM local time Saturday. After that, I was too far behind to try to start over as a Low Power entrant, and using 100 watts in the High Power category just had no appeal." - NA5TR

"I couldn't find a station to do a serious guest-op from, so I spent the weekend at an orienteering meet in Wise County instead. I took my Elecraft K2 and KAT100 with me, and operated some from the hotel using a 20' long random wire antenna. 15 meters worked a lot better than 20 meters, and I couldn't get anyone on 40 meters to hear me at all. I never heard a station on 10 meters. My best DX was Hawaii, followed by the Galapagos Islands. Only two stations answered my CQs. On Saturday night, conditions on 20 meters were awesome - I had solid copy on stations in Tomsk, Siberia and Kazakhstan with my tiny wire, but of course they couldn't hear me." - WM5R


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