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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, CW

Call     Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults      Score
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SOAB QP       631    277     309,409
WT5R     W5ZL     W5ZL    SOAB QP       369    197     114,063
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SOAB LP       517    287     280,686
KX5A     K5XA     K5XA    SOAB LP       300    188      80,276
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SOAB LP       107     79      13,114
K5WA     K5WA     K5WA    SOAB HP      1993    638   2,520,100
WC5T     W5KFT    K5PI    SOAB HP      2139    599   2,316,333
NQ5K     W5ASP    NQ5K    SOAB HP       910    307     349,366
KM4DR    KM4DR    KM4DR   SOAB HP       661    262     208,028
NT5C     N3BB     N3BB    SOAB HP       238    133      44,208
K5IID    K5IID    K5IID   SOAB LP A TS  516    272     259,760   
AC4CA    AC4CA    AC4CA   SOAB HP A     946    390     682,500
KT2Z     K5NA     K5NA    SOSB 160      176    109      31,283
NQ5D     K5NZ     K5NZ    SOSB 20       642    336     311,202
K5DU     K5DU     K5DU    SOSB 10       535    258     167,700
W5GAI    W5GAI    W5GAI   SOSB 10       192    130      36,010
W5VX     W5VX     W5VX    SOSB 10       153    109      24,089

"WPX is FUN! Oh, to have more time and some aluminum in the air!" - K3TD

"Saturday conditions seemed pretty lackluster, and I was having a lot of trouble being heard. Virtually no Europeans. I was actually surprised at how well ("well" is a relative term) I was getting out on 40 meters, as it got later on Saturday night. I ran out of gas around 1:00 AM local time, just about the time people were starting to come back to me on the first call. On Sunday, things seemed to perk up a bit. It was very nice to see some action on 10 meters." - W5ZL

"I thought that I would spend more time on this contest, but the conditions were lousy and and my granddaughter had a piano recital; I lost interest, especially after starting several hours late. I did work some stuff in Europe with good signals, but the opening didn't last. I heard K5DU banging away and working stuff that I couldn't hear." - W5VX

"12.8 QSOs per hour - woohoo!" - W5GAI

"This was my first serious attempt of running N1MM in the CW mode. It was a real learning experience, but I managed to get in some practice. I ran between 200 and 600 watts, depending upon the band. I utilized a half square for 20 meters and a 389 foot long wire for the remaining bands. Thanks to K5XA for getting me back into contesting. It was fun." - KM4DR

"I didn't get to spend as much time in the contest as I had hoped, but I learned more about N1MM, and had a little fun trying to figure out how to drive the K3 sub-receiver with the logging software. I think what's said is correct - learn how to use one VFO (or radio) before you go on to two! Most of my contacts were while I was calling CQ, which was a surprise to me. Despite running low power, I was pretty much able to hold my frequencies rather low in the bands that I was in. This may have been because conditions were not terrific, and I didn't find the bands to be very crowded, at least while I was on." - K5XA

"My primary goal was testing hardware and software for WRTC. I used two networked computers for logging - one on each radio. It is actually a pretty good setup for SO2R. There were rather odd conditions - 10 meters and 15 meters benefited from E skip. It was good to work some Europeans on 15 meters but no Japanese." - N5AW

"It was a long and noisy weekend for me while doing a single-band effort on 160 meters. Before the contest, I didn't do a good job of verifying the status of my Beverage antennas. I had taken 6 of them down for summer mowing and had only 4 remaining up. On Friday night, I found that only one of the remaining beverages, the ENE beverage, was actually working correctly. The NE didn't work at all, and the other two worked only marginally. On Saturday during the day, I went out to the field and tried to fix them all. But one of them, the SE, failed again sometime during the second night. Spending much of the day working in the 96°F heat and then trying to stay up again all night was a problem. I was very tired the second night and struggled to stay awake. The result, however, was a new W5 record on 160 meters, breaking a 25-year-old record set by K5UR. I could have done a little better this weekend had I been more prepared for the contest. But that's the way things go sometimes." - K5NA

"It was a fun weekend, even with the disturbed conditions. 10 meters was in surprisingly good condition, but activity was low there. This was my first attempt at QRP in this contest. I'm sure it will not be my last QRP effort. Thanks to K5ZD and others for the searchable online results for this contest. It adds to the fun by being able to see where you stand compared to others in previous contests. I printed out the results for W5, and kept track as I climbed up the ladder." - N5DO

"We had thunderstorms on Friday and Saturday nights, so I'm sure my accuracy on 40 meters will suffer. Sunday morning sure had some nice Japanese runs that I have not heard in a while. I finally got my control system running well enough to use it in a contest, and it felt really solid. Having a single touch screen for all switching functions is nice, but the effort I put into making a solid RF path really showed the most benefit to me. Everything worked well and held together as expected. That is a change from my previous attempts when coax and switches were scattered all over the place." - K5WA

"On Sunday afternoon, I called CQ on twenty meters and immediately had a huge 'fresh meat' pile up, apparently from a packet spot. Everyone was exactly on the same frequency and I spent the first twenty minutes trying to separate one or two letters. There were stretches of ten minutes at a time when everyone was zero-beat and I had to pick off the stations on the edges, or had to go back to the packet spot pile and ask for one or two letters, and usually had five stations with none of those letters call. Not a great experience for high level operating. But it was fun, and it underscored the changes that packet makes for the poor souls at the other end of the pile up." - N3BB

"I had a ball. I was suprised and amazed at 10 meters both days... Only North America and South America, with very few exceptions, but still fun. I was able to work stations that I could hardly hear. I was surprised they heard me! I can't wait until next year." - K5IID

"I had a crazy week and just couldn't get up for a full-time effort. I operated about 29 hours. 10 meters was fun. I worked about a half dozen Europeans on 15 meters." - K5PI

"Conditions were terrible. I copied either your call or your sequence number but probably not both. I also did something terrible to the computer and lost about 10 QSOs and several prefixes. Other than that it was good." - K5DU


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