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Contest Score Rumors

2010 IARU HF World Championship

Call    Station  Op      Category   CW QSOs  SSB QSOs   Zones  HQs       Score
W5GAI   W5GAI    W5GAI    SOQP CW      472                65    64     211,044
R3/K5DU R3/K5DU  K5DU     SOQP CW       37                 7     8       1,575
NO5W    NO5W     NO5W     SOLP CW      362                42    45      94,656
W5KFT   W5KFT    N1XS     SOHP CW     1097                75    47     450,000
N5ZK    N5ZK     W5ASP    SOHP CW      500                52    71     189,789
K5PI    K5PI     K5PI     SOHP CW      395                41    31      88,056
K5FP    K5FP     K5FP     SOHP CW      412                37    20      79,116
AA5VU   AA5VU    AA5VU    SOHP MIX      96       27       22    19       5,043
K5XA    K5XA     K5XA     SOLP MIX      30       20       10    12       3,476
NR5M    NR5M     NR5M     SOHP SSB             2132      105    81   1,313,904

"I operated during the contest with Gary W5ZL's little 5 watt QRP rig and a long wire strung out the window of the Atlas Park Hotel in Domodedovo, Moscow Region, Russia. It was a privilege to try to work the superb WRTC contestants and the other operators who heard my puny signal. Thanks to Gary for the rig, Richard K5NA for bringing me to Domodedovo, and to all who made WRTC 2010 Russia possible." - K5DU

"S9+ noise on 40/80/160 made the loww bands tough, almost no DX on 40 meter until Sunday AM, but a fair JA opening helped. Thanks to Bryan for the use of the station, and Robert K5PI for assistance in getting ready. Nice job by the R3 stations and all the HQ teams." - N1XS (@ W5KFT)

"I was on part-time from home due to social commitments. Conditions weren't that hot, so I decided to turn on an old Yaesu FL-2100 amp to try to warm up the ionosphere a bit. The good news was that I had very little line noise; it was almost as quiet as at W5KFT at a number of times!" - K5PI

"Because of out-of-town company and other family commitments, I was only able to spend about two and a half hours in the contest. Because of my time limits, I did not try to call CQ or even move off of 20 meters. But, I was able to learn a little more about the K3/N1MM interface. I'm sorry that I didn't find any of the WRTC teams!" - K5XA

"I worked only six of the WRTC stations - all with weak signals. I had lots of fun, though. With a house guest, I did not have time to do much operating." - K5FP

"Nary a dit nor a dah was heard from the WRTC stations, although I did work a number of zone 29-31 stations and a number of zone 18 stations. In spite of the absence of any WRTC stations in the log, this was a fun contest with good participation (I worked 262 unique calls), and good conditions (it was good to hear 15 meters open although most of the QSOs were domestic). And I improved my score from 2009 by about 20%. It always amazes me to work ZLs on 40 meters with my antenna-challenged station, but two showed up in the log on the first or second call about thirty minutes into the contest. Europe was good on 20 meters and 40 meters on Saturday evening. 80 meters was too noisy to get anything going there and not many stations were heard on that band the few times I ventured there. It was disappointing that I didn't work a single JA and heard only a few." - NO5W

"It was a fun contest. 10 meters and 15 meters lacked any signals I could work. 40 meters was easier than any other band, with some of the weaker ones, as long as nobody else was calling them. All of the bands were noisy, but 20 meters was the best. 20 meters was the only band for hearing/working R3 WRTC contestants. I worked 22 of the 48 R3 stations from 0300 UTC to 0430 UTC, the only time they were heard." - W5GAI


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