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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Phone Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP        1154     135     369    1,614,816
N5DO    N5DO    N5DO    SOAB LP         871     109     294      949,468
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SOAB LP         223      64     103       93,353
K5TR    K5TR    K5TR    SOAB HP        2492     150     409    3,222,635
N5XZ    N5XZ    N5XZ    SOAB HP A       482     188      76      324,984
KU5B    NX5M    KU5B    SOSB/10         327      22      55       59,290
W5GAI   W5GAI   W5GAI   SOSB/10          89      11      20        7,668
K2UR    K2UR    K2UR    SOSB/15         330      29      91      111,600
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    SOSB/15 A      1258      35     145      570,060
N5ZK    N5ZK    W5ASP   SOSB/15 A       756      32     118      298,500
K5XA    K5XA    K5XA    SOSB/20         111      14      57       21,300
K5NA    K5NA    many    M/S            2526     174     567    4,748,328
KL5DX   KL7AA   many    M/S             643      96      58      269,962

K5NA ops: K5NA, K5DU, K5WA, N3BB, WM5R, KI5DR
KL5DX ops: N5XZ, AL4S

"I had a pretty good contest - it has been a few years since I did single operator in this contest. I was not very fired up about this contest at the start or even after, but it was nice to have conditions on 15 meters. It was very painful at times as the signals were good, but everyone was on the band and there was just not much room. All that QRM is hard on the rate and my ears/brain. There are still way to many times that I just am not willing to elbow my way in on these crowded bands and start CQing. This hurts my score I know, but I just hate being the guy that does that sort of thing. I thought the low bands were very good - and I seemed to be getting in and out of the pileups without too much trouble. It was nice to feel loud with my simple wires." - K5TR

"I missed the last two years of CQWW SSB after a run of 11 years of serious entries - nice to be back! It was also great to see 15 meters back! 10 meters was improved, but I was hoping for more after it was open to Europe several days just prior to the contest. Alas, those sunspots faded away. Surprisingly I set personal records for QSOs and multipliers on all three of the low bands. I attribute a big part of that to the expanded privileges on 40 meters and 80 meters that I had not been able to take advantage of until this year. A big thrill was finding JT5DX on 40 meters shortly after sunrise Sunday and working him on my first call for my 80th country and 30th zone. I ended up with 98 percent of my contacts being search and pounce - you can't win that way, even with low power." - N5AW

"Fun time as always; nice to see 15 meters in such great shape. The QSO total on 10 meters is inflated somewhat by a 5 minute run with the beam aimed north, which resulted in 15 zone 5 contacts. If 10 meter conditions are bad again next year, it would be fun to just work US stations on 10 meters and give out zone 4 mults (but, not as much fun as seriously working the contest)." - N5DO

"It was nice to have some long path action early Sunday morning with VR and B7... It was quite the surprise. The Yaesu FT-1000's second receiver got a really good workout this weekend. I'm glad everything is in fine working order for the upcoming ARRL 10 Meter Contest. A little bit more Europe than in the CQ World Wide WPX Contest this year, but the same amount of Japanese stations." - KU5B (@ NX5M)

"It was nice to see 15 meters open on Saturday and Sunday. It was tough to get through the wall of east coast stations with my low antenna, but it was fun to try." - K3TD

"We had a great operating team and gave the contest a good effort. As usual, this contest was a lot of fun. 10 meters showed a little life, but not quite as much as we hoped. We only worked one European contact (GW9T). The big 10 meter surprise was Sunday morning when we worked a couple of far east stations on the long path (VR2 and B7P). That's the first time I've done that in many years. We felt loud on 160 meters and 80 meters, but not so loud on 40 meters. I need to improve my 40 meter antennas somehow. 20 meters was its usual, overcrowded band, but 15 meters was a blessing. There were big QSO rates and great conditions on 15 meters both days." - K5NA

"I should have eaten some food between 1200 UTC Saturday and 0300 UTC Sunday. I missed most of the first few hours and quit early on Saturday simply because I was hungry. I went into this one totally unprepared with food and drink provisions. I had a couple of other conflicts that prevented me from operating as much as I wanted to. But, I am satisfied with my effort. There were many out of control pile-ups encountered. Why people have to keep throwing their call in there 4 to 6 times is beyond me. Two is enough, then listen." - NX5M

"I only had a few hours to get on, and decided to do 10 meters QRP unassisted. I managed 3.1 hours tuning the band. 10 meter propagation was poor; no Europeans heard, only one African heard/worked, one Oceania station heard/worked, and all of the rest were from North American. South American, and the Caribbean who were all up and down in QSB." - W5GAI

"It was great to hear the higher bands start to open up. 15 meters was great, but I'm still waiting for 10 meters to open here. Thanks to Rich, AL4S who took over when I had to leave for the airport to head back to Texas." - N5XZ (@ KL5DX)

"Mostly search and pounce during this contest, but 15 meters sure turned out to be the money band. I worked one European on 10 meters. Next year, it should be MUCH better. My tower is broken, so I couldnt't crank it up. A lightning strike took out my rotor position potentiometer, so the only way I knew what direction the beam was pointed was to carry my rotor control box to the window and watch it while turning. I hope to get it fixed in a few weeks." - N5XZ

"Well, there is always a Murphy factor! I was going to do 80 meters Single Operator High Power, but my new Alpha amp (1 and 1/2 months old) developed a major problem the weekend before. So, I did 15 meters low power instead. Just a very low TA-32 tribander (18ft above ground) and 100 watts." - K2UR


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