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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX CW Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs      Zones  Countries    Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP         1609      162     510     3,021,312   
AA5VU   AA5VU   AA5VU   SOAB LP           88       23      18         3,608
K5IID   K5IID   K5IID   SOAB LP A        522       96     283       532,495
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SOAB HP         2001      139     421     3,171,280
K5TR    K5TR    K5TR    SOAB HP A       1563      181     643     3,533,312
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOAB HP A       1318      190     694     3,234,556
K5XR    K5XR    W5ASP   SOAB HP A        515       83     237       469,120
K2UR    K2UR    K2UR    SOSB/15          387       30     116       161,038
K5FP    K5FP    K5FP    SOSB/15 A        376       31     102       140,980
W5GAI   W5GAI   W5GAI   SOSB/10           61       38      18         8,792
ZF1A    ZF1A    many    M/S             6982      165     614    13,261,696
KL5DX   KL7AA   many    M/S             2254       80     169     1,320,447
K9MBB   K9MBB   many    M/S              513      115     330       628,785
NR5M    NR5M    many    M/M             6482      191     713    15,364,384

ZF1A ops:  K6AM, N5DO, K5PI
KL5DX ops: N5XZ, KL7SB
K9MBB ops: K9MBB, AB5K
NR5M ops:  K5GA, NO5W, NX5M, W0MM, KG5U, N1XS, 
           W5ZL, W5OV, N5XJ, K5NZ, N9NB, KU5B

"WOW! Some contest! This is an all time high score for me by quite a bit - and I've been entering this contest seriously for a long time. It was nice to break 3 million points, at least with the raw score. I was still a little short of N5TJ's 5th call area low power record set back in 1998 (3.16 million). 80 meter and 160 meter conditions were super the first evening - 160 meters sounded almost like 40 meters on a good day! Conditions were not nearly as good to Europe the second night, but they seemed to be better to the Caribbean. After working 83 countries on 80 meters, I now believe with the right conditions 100 might be possible in this contest with 100 watts and good antennas." - N5AW

"This was almost a 50% improvement over last year's effort. Many thanks to the ops who drove the station hard this year to a much improved score. Thanks to Ken, W5AAC, for all the behind the scenes repair and maintenance. Thanks to Eddie for the grub. And a special thanks to Bill, K5GA, for organizing the crew, coming out two days early for setup, and last and most importantly, not breaking a single radio during the entire weekend. Finally, thanks to all those that gave us QSOs. It was a blast!" - NR5M

"This is our first multi-op effort in several years after several solo efforts by K6AM. Our goal was to exceed the previous ZF M/S record of 11.9 million points set in 1997 by a team led by K1TO, and to win North America. We welcomed back ZF1A vets K5PI and N5DO. Conditions were better that they have been for some time. Nice to see 10 meters showing some life with a good opening to Europe on the second day. A good time was had by all!" - K5PI (@ ZF1A)

"Conditions were very good from South Texas. I wish I could have stayed awake to enjoy them more, but 39 hours is my limit. Amazing what some wires hanging off the tower can do. I'm probably pretty light on mults as well as QSOs from a competitive standpoint, but I just couldn't seem to get an SO2R rhythm going to maximize each band. I didn't even try and run until the second day, but I had some good European and Japanese runs every once in a while. It sure seems like Japan is back in full force! I'm sure my final s core will drop by my normal 10%, but I still had fun setting a personal best." - K5WA

"I spent the weekend DXing. My goal was to work as many multipliers as I could. When chasing multipliers slowed down, I would go through bandmaps calling people. I only CQed a few times all weekend and rarely more than for 10 minutes at a time. I would always leave the frequency to chase another mult that would pop up. As always, this contest is a lot of fun." - K5NA

"10 meters had poor propagation for this contest. It was a dead band at 0000 UTC at the contest start. I heard my first signals at 1430 UTC on Saturday, but at first there were only three readable stations on the whole band. After that, there was a slight opening with new call signs at 1630 UTC, and I worked 15 stations in an hour. From 1930 UTC to 2345 UTC when the band faded out, I only worked 14 QSOs. On Sunday morning, the band was a little better. I caught ZL, ZL8, and VK on a very short South Pacific sunset peak. Between 1430 UTC and 1624 UTC, I worked 29 stations, bagging only one European (TM6), and four stations in Africa: C5, 9L, D4, EA8." - W5GAI

"This weekend I was mainly a DXer. My code skills are not that great and even worse after the last two or three years of not getting in much CW operating time. I did very little CQing during the first half of the contest, I was just full-time chasing packet / skimmer spots on the band map. I did a bit more CQing as the contest progressed but not too much. I did work non-mults and more of them as time went on but for the most part I just chased the new ones on the band map. It was great fun." - K5TR

"What a fun time again! I do not profess to be a good CW operator in the least! But, DAMN, I do love it so! My fist was never any good at all, but now with old age and all that it brings physically, it is still bad! Anyway, I had begun to think that the bands were never going to be any good again since I moved back to Texas, but they are a coming! It was such fun chasing the mults. I am back and am finally having fun again on these special contest weekends!" - K5IID

"Well, the little pistol station became a cap gun! My Alpha is back online. So I did single band 15 meters High Power. I still only have a two-element tribander at seven meters above ground and a multiband doublet antenna, so I never did call CQ. I also stopped for periods to cook and eat and my son stopped by on Sunday, so I took a rather long break. But the bottom line is I had fun." - K2UR

"We checked out Larry's station on CW this weekend. We mostly chased cluster spots. We did get a run of Japanese stations on 15 meters on Saturday afternoon." - AB5K (@ K9MBB)

"This was the first time I tried a M/S with the able help of KL7SB for a few hours, and he allowed me to rest and relax a bit. Thanks again to the Anchorage Amateur Radio Club (KL7AA) for allowing me to use the station. Thanks to all the other contesters including my friends from Alaska and from Texas. You know who you are." - N5XZ (@ KL5DX)


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