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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Call   Station  Op    Category    QSOs   Sects  Ctys   Score
AA5VU   AA5VU   AA5VU   SO LP      113     43     4     11,186
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SO HP     1662     80    51    509,328
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SO HP      886     77    33    220,330
AB5K    AB5K    AB5K    SO HP      801     72    27    168,696
AB5EB   AB5EB   AB5EB   SO HP      115     46    16     17,236
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    M/S       1111     78    40    286,622
N5XJ    N5XJ    N5XJ    M/S        354     71     7     57,096
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    M/S        155     70     7     23,380

"What a great time! I worked my first European station ever on 160 meters with my low Inverted-L antenna. My best DX was E7. One missed goal was working Hawaii for WAS - I was not on when there was propagation. I will set aside more time next year for sure. Thanks for the QSOs and 73!" - K3TD

"I still need to get the K9AY loop receiving antenna out of its packaging and into place in the yard. It was sometimes difficult copy listening on the transmit antenna. Thanks for the QSOs and repeats when needed." - N5XJ

"I entered multi-op just because I decided to connect to the packet cluster early Sunday morning. From that I only grabbed maybe 5 or so calls from the bandmap. I arrived at the station about an hour after the actual start of the contest and found that the NW Beverage was dead, so I started thinking that I would just make a few QSOs and quit. But, if something is broken, I typically like to go ahead and fix it so I do not have to worry about it later, and time was limited because it was about to get dark. After about 45 minutes the problem was resolved, but by that time I had already lost the first couple of hours. I also had concerns about my NE Beverage, since the last 400 feet of it was down and it was not terminated, but it seemed to work well enough even at the shorter length." - NX5M

"I was happy to see my 160 meter 1/4-wave inverted-L antenna work so well. I converted my 80 meter inverted-L and added some more radials. It paid off with several new countries for me." - AB5EB

"I had been traveling all week prior to the contest and was dead tired at the start of the contest but had a ball giving my two-element raised radial array a workout. Nice, but not great, conditions and good rates. I ate some bad grapes for breakfast Saturday morning and that knocked me out of the contest mixed with little sleep, but my wife was still glad I came home and didn't stay at the station. Lots of fun and a good check-out of the antenna. Now to get some sleep." - K5WA

"It was good to work AB5K again. I did a double take when I copied NTX for AB5K. My contest objective was to work a few locals and have some fun." - AA5VU

"I played around in the contest, mostly running. I'm convinced that my 1/4 wave wire vertical is a alligator. I could hear many station calling that I just could not copy. Sounds like I need some beverages." - AB5K

"The ARRL 160M Contest has always been my favorite contest. This year is the 41st running of it and it is my 36th year to participate. I managed to work a sweep of all 80 of the ARRL sections. This was my second time to do this, my first being in 2004. Both times it was done as a single-op without packet which makes it more unlikely. All the sections answered my CQs and all sections had at least two or more stations call me except for the sections of VE8EV and VO1HP. What a thrill to have this happen to me again. My last section was when VO1HP called in on Sunday morning about an hour before his sunrise. Yes, I had kept a Beverage pointed his way and I was hoping for a call from a VO1." - K5NA


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