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Contest Score Rumors

2010 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category     QSOs   Mults     Score
WB5BKL   WB5BKL   WB5BKL  SO CW QP      126     44     21,824
AE5GT    AE5GT    AE5GT   SO CW LP      734     84    246,624
K5FP     K5FP     K5FP    SO CW LP      490     68    133,280
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR    SO CW LP      218     36     47,960
NO5W     NO5W     NO5W    SO CW LP      205     37     30,340
AA5VU    AA5VU    AA5VU   SO CW LP       70     35      9,800
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SO CW HP     1394    104    579,904
W5KFT    W5KFT    W5KFT   SO CW HP     1364    105    544,740
N5ZK     N5ZK     W5ASP   SO CW HP      721     82    238,850
W5GAI    W5GAI    W5GAI   SO MIX QP     172     51     29,274
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SO MIX LP     742    126    296,856
WQ5C     WQ5C     WQ5C    SO MIX LP     730    112    268,128
W5ZL     W5ZL     W5ZL    SO MIX LP     512    112    191,520
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SO MIX LP     260     86     62,952
KL5DX    KL5DX    N5XZ    SO MIX HP     212     59     40,592
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO SSB HP    1713    103    352,878
AB5K     AB5K     AB5K    SO SSB HP    1389     98    272,244
NA5TR    NA5TR    NA5TR   SO SSB HP    1366     93    254,076
NX5M     NX5M     many    M/S          2003    200  1,193,600
W5YAA    K6YA     many    M/S          1108    116    406,696

NX5M ops:  KU5B, N5XJ, N5DUW, NX5M
W5YAA ops: W5YAA, K5YA

"This is by far my best contest. It's where my antenna is at its best and it's single band (I haven't become used to running two radios and chasing multipliers). This year, I made more of an effort to chase multipliers and the numbers improved 84 versus 42 last year. The band was much better this year versus last year, too, and the bulk QSO numbers were higher. Last year was a hoot. This year was a hoot and half." - AE5GT

"I was able to make the first serious effort in years in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. Friday night and Sunday were a blast, but Saturday was a slog. Gotta love the XE multipliers, even though I suspect we're a bit too close to work the northern states. I observed the weird phenomenon again where I worked Oklahoma and Arkansas by beaming northwest." - WQ5C

"You can never tell what 10 meters will do. I'd logged 450 QSOs before I worked Michigan. The e-skip was great very late Friday night. The band had shifted mostly west late Friday night, but then I worked NY at 0555 UTC -- five minutes shy of midnight! I worked 5 to 6 VE1s and about the same number of VE2s before my first VE3 called in - and that was my 1155th QSO with just two and a half hours left in the contest. I worked Mexican stations throughout the contest, but had a nice little run of them in the 0300 hour Saturday night." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"I was not on much during the daylight hours, but the late afternoon and early evenings were nicely productive. It was nice to work several other QRPers along with ZL and VK. There are lots of good operators out there. Robert K5PI, operating the W5KFT station, did seem to make the compact fluorescents on my side of the lake brighter when he transmitted... ;-) He is pretty close." - WB5BKL

"Conditions for the 2010 ARRL 10 Meter Contest were the best that I remember for about the past 5 or 6 years. I was hoping that we would get a European opening but it didn' happen. - I only worked two European stations, a G3 and an F6. I worked 15 of the 32 Mexican states. I think that is a good turnout for this first 10 Meter contest to use the XE states as multipliers. I hope that some day I will work all of them in a single contest. This contest is always a lot of fun to do. And it is quite a contrast to the previous noisy weekend on 160 meters." - K5NA

"I was concerned about using high antennas in a contest, but they played great. One highlight was having a Puerto Rico station give me a report of 60 over S9 when running on the SteppIR antenna at 200 feet above ground. Conditions were awesome the last three hours of the contest, with awesome run rates." - AB5K

"This was my tenth ARRL 10 Meter Contest. I've operated them all from the K5TR station in Blanco County, Texas, and mostly with the same antennas. So far, I've finished in the Top Five every year and won the contest once, so it must be a good station." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"Glad to hear ANYTHING on ten meters from Alaska and when the band was open, it was really nice. The shack was moved to another location here in the building and there seems to be some hum issues with the AC power and the fluorescent lamps, something to be fixed. Great working you guys down in Texas and happy to give out the KL7 mults." - N5XZ (@ KL5DX)

"My objective was to work a few club members but started having fun with 35 multipliers. I got tired of working non-four-land calls in Florida and quit. It must be snowbird season in Florida." - AA5VU

"I always go into this contest pretty casually, working it in between good basketball games on TV, social outings, etc. After the contest finished, I looked up my posting to 3830 last year, and the comparison with this year was quite interesting: my operating time was almost exactly the same - to the minute. I had more QSOs last year (587), but WAY more mults this year - 112 vs. 56 last year. That's not all due to the new XE mults, I know. Saturday I would have sworn there were no stations in the contest but Texas and Florida. Gad, there are a ton of 10 meter stations in Florida!!" - W5ZL

"I finally had an opportunity to test my Par Omniangle against the Inverted L with plenty of signals on the band. As I suspected, it was no contest because the inverted L is so long at 28 MHz. About 80% of the time the Par antenna was better and the L was better about 10% of the time. The other 10% was a toss up between the two. Thanks everyone for the QSOs, and it was nice to see the XE activity." - K3TD

"Outside of several hours of comparable conditions to last year (BAD) this was fun. Only one thing broke this weekend.....the secondary rotary switch on the switching system so we set it up for one antenna and left it until I could replace it after we shut down Saturday night." - NX5M

"When I started out on Friday evening I thought it was the Florida QSO party. In my first 20 QSOs, at least 15 of them were in Florida. After a bit of S&P, I decided to try and run some and had several nice runs (with the meter peaking at 102 QSOs/hr) on Friday night up until around 0500 UTC. I had a few XEs in the log, but there's plenty of room for more." - NO5W

"Notes to self for next year: 1. Get up a second and maybe a third antenna. 2. Get a full power amplifier going instead of the "baby amp", the Yaesu 2100B. (Although on 10 meter it might not actually made much difference - the Yaesu 2100B is a good little amp.) 3. Make sure I have a continuous fuel supply for the generator and do not have to QRT while I refill the fuel. Due to an oil leak on the primary generator, I was on the backup. (I do not have commercial power available.) All in all, a lot of fun, though somewhat like doing a single-op Field Day, with its attendant challenges." - NA5TR

"When I was on, the band was pretty poor except for the pipeline to Florida and later California. DX was sparse and limited. No Africa, no Europe, no Asia, no Oceania. I worked 5 Mexico states." - W5GAI

"I am using the 'arm strong' method to rotate my little two-element tribander, so I had to go out in the cold and snowing weather to turn the antenna. The antenna also windmills, so many times the wind changed its direction! I only operated part time, but I had fun." - K2UR

"Spotty conditions on Saturday, but the band came alive Sunday afternoon. Lots of fun." - K5FP

"I'm always surprised by this contest. It seemed as though Texas was a good place to be (once again) for this one. The decision to allow the Mexican states to count as multipliers was a great one -- it added a lot of fun to chase down the various states. The participation from XE will hopefully continue to grow in the future. Usually I can count on working a large number of midwest stations from the 8 and 9 call areas. This year there were very few until late Sunday afternoon. Fortunately, California picked up the slack -- I worked 160 Californians, followed by a large contingent of Colorado stations, 41." - N5DO


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