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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, CW

Call     Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults      Score
WT5R     W5ZL     W5ZL    SOAB QP       205    166      72,376
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SOAB LP       622    408     520,200
NU5DE    NU5DE    N5KF    SOAB LP       110     96      23,808
NO5W     NO5W     NO5W    SOAB LP       136    107      22,149
NQ5D     NQ5D     K5NZ    SOAB LP A     599    383     546,924
WC5T     W5KFT    K5PI    SOAB HP      2414    807   4,578,111
N8NOE    N8NOE    N8NOE   SOAB HP        57     49       1,793
NT5C     N3BB     N3BB    SOAB HP A     101     79      11,139
NR5M     NR5M     K5GA    SOSB 20      1931    854   3,193,960
NM5M     NR5M     NR5M    SOSB 15      1181    545   1,007,705
KU5B     NX5M     KU5B    SOSB 15       356    226     121,136
NA4M     NA4M     NA4M    SOSB 15        39     39       2,418
W5VX     W5VX     W5VX    SOSB 10       210    129      32,379

"I hadn't planned to operate in this contest, but Friday evening I decided to see if I could make any contacts with my little Altoids QRP radio (the remarkable ATS-3B kit put out by Steve Weber KD1JV). I hooked a 9V alkaline battery to the Altoids box and went hunting on 20 meters beginning just before 0200 UTC. My first Q was with CU2X, who was BOOMING in, and who answered my first call. Bear in mind that this radio probably does something north of a watt on a brand spanking new 9V battery, but as it rather quickly depletes, so does the output power. As the evening wore on and I notched more and more DX, including many EU stations and even ZM1A (that took a fresh battery!), I got seriously hooked. It is just a thrill to be heard half way around the world with a tiny little radio like this - I was like a kid again working my first contest." - W5ZL

"It was nice to see some life on 15 meters and even 10 meters, where I worked CU2X and heard EF8M. I had a short JA run on 15 meters - I've not been able to do that for some time. I had a great run of mostly Russians on 20 meters on Saturday evening - over 100 QSOs/hour for quite a while. One of these days maybe I'll do a serious effort, but I enjoyed the time I did operate." - N5AW

"I wasn't very well rested and so I made this a semi-serious 32 hour effort. Conditions were better than expected. I worked 40 meters hard on Friday night and racked up quite a few 6-point European contacts. But I couldn't really sleep that night and was pretty punchy when I got up to do the 40 meter JA run. I ran more on 20 meters on Saturday night and the Russians just kept coming! When the alarm went off in the wee hours on Sunday morning, I just couldn't make myself get up so I caught a couple hours more sleep and enjoyed the rest of the contest." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"Glad to be back after a three month hiatus for school. I attended NX5M's daughter's graduation on Friday night and another graduation on Saturday morning. I got on Saturday late afternoon and Sunday afternoon to find the band in pretty good shape each time. Around 2300 UTC on Sunday, I was working both Europe and Japan simultaneously... good fun." - KU5B (@ NX5M)

"The 2009 WPX CW found my XYL and me in transit with a flight from Boston to New Orleans on Saturday followed by a drive from New Orleans to Houston on Sunday. We had planned to operate some on Saturday evening from the mobile but the call of a New Orleans seafood dinner won out. So we didn't get on the air until about midway between New Orleans and Houston on Sunday morning when I turned the driving over to the XYL. Once I moved into the passenger seat and got the mobile setup, I managed to break a pileup on an ES9 followed shortly afterward with an OG9 -- this was going to be fun!" - NO5W

"Yes, I really operated 10 meters single-band at the bottom of the solar cycle. I expected a little more activity but you get what you get. I worked several South American stations, one European, one African and 3 or 4 stations in the Pacific. I read a book while CQing and averaged about 20 QSOs an hour." - W5VX

"A fun contest with some nice propagation over the pole both nights, Saturday being the best. Lots of weak stations, however, to deal with, so I'm sure the log checkers will hit me hard with busted numbers, etc. George has done a tremendous job with the station and it's a treat to come here and play radio... more to come he says." - K5GA (@ NR5M)

"I even worked a few Europeans on 10 meters! G6PZ was the loudest by far!" - K5NZ (@ NQ5D)

"About 1.5 hours into the contest and I just had to stop.. I've been having some fun and thought I'd at least give a few points out.." - N8NOE

"I got back from Dayton and an extended road trip to our daughter's and several relatives a few days before the WPX contest, and I was totally too tired to do a serious contest effort. So, I got on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed the 'fresh meat' action that ensued." - N3BB

"This was a very part time effort while watching after the five-year-old granddaughter." - N5KF (@ NU5DE)


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