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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Phone Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5DO    N5DO    N5DO    SOAB LP         677      94     229      598,842
A31KK   A31KK   XE1KK   SOAB LP        1156      60     107      550,766
K5XA    K5XA    K5XA    SOAB LP         364      61     125      175,026
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SOAB LP         111      44      59       29,561
W5YAA   W5YAA   W5YAA   SOAB HP A       622      83     240      564,604
K5DU    K5DU    K5DU    SOAB HP A       206      59     155      122,408
W5SV    W5SV    W5SV    SOAB HP A R     126      48      87       44,820
N5ZK    N5ZK    W5ASP   SOSB/15 A       442      31     114      175,450
N5AA    K5NA    many    M/S             472     117     364      609,908
NR5M    NR5M    many    M/M            4943     159     569    7,777,224

N5AA ops: K5NA, K5DU
NR5M ops: K5GA, K5MQ, K5NZ, K5QE, KB4KBS/5, KJ5T, KU5B,
          KZ5KG, N5OAO, N5XJ, N5YA, NR5M, NX5M, W5KFT

"I had a great time, far better than in past contests, and found myself catching a rhythm to this thing. I operated the entire time in S&P mode, with only a few rules to guide my operating, like a limit to how many times I would call a station before moving on, and not switching bands until that band seemed tired. Switch antennas (dipole vs. LP) rather than turn beam 180 degrees. I am starting to see this less as a mere supplement to my DXing activities, and more as a fun thing in its own right. (The bug has bitten)." - W5SV

"What a surprise to have 15 meters open - it reminded me of days past. Friday night started so slow that I thought the whole weekend would be terrible, but I ended up with more contacts (although fewer mults) in less operating time than year. 10 meters was good to the south from here, but I see that W5PR, operating single band 10 meters, worked 43 countries - I obviously missed some." - N5DO

"This was one good step forward in the rebirth of the NR5M station. There is still lots to do on my part to get the station in competitive condition but, after undergoing the last 6 months in the car business, I am up for a real challenge." - NR5M

"It was nice to see some openings on 15 meters and 10 meters. A highlight of the contest was travelling to NR5M for the first time with W3TD and operating a little there." - K3TD

"I got discouraged early in the contest whenever I decided to call CQ, when almost all the stations that were coming back to me were Ws. However, on Saturday afternoon starting at around 2200 UTC on 15 meters I had a nice run mostly of JAs, and it felt nice. I had some other short runs along the way. I also worked some pretty nice Pacific and Asian contacts. Besides some things that need to be corrected or changed, the most serious issue is that I have very bad intermittent noise problems that I'm going to have to find - sometimes as bad as S9. I could rotate the antennas away from it, so I know it is somewhere outside." - K5XA

"This was a part-time effort. CW is more fun." - K5DU

"I started out doing a part-time single-op assisted effort using our family's club call, N5AA. But after my XYL Susan (K5DU) had some station difficulties on Saturday, I convinced her to make a few QSOs under the N5AA callsign. That made us switch categories to M/S. It was fun using a different call for a change. It took a little while to get used to it." - K5NA (@ N5AA)

"My original plan for a SOSB/20 effort turned into an all-band effort when I realized that propagation was far better on 15 meters. Fortunately, I had an extra mast and a yoyo-tenna that I installed calculating the length using my arm. It worked very well as a sloping dipole on the beach. Packet cluster spots generate pileups because, except for the Oceania stations, no one can hear you without turning the antenna on you. I finished the first day with 200 QSOs... depressing to say the least! But a change in strategy and the 15 meter antenna change paid off. There was zero QRM at this location. I heard up to three stations calling CQ on the same frequency without hearing each other. Lots of echo and long-path QSOs. Clearly the gray zone works. It was great to call and be called by many friends." - XE1KK (@ A31KK)


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