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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC Sweepstakes CW Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOHP     1389     80     222,240
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SOHP     1308     80     209,280
W5KFT   K5PI    W5KFT   SOHP     1288     80     206,080
W5ASP   W5ASP   W5ASP   SOHP      856     79     133,826
W5RQ    W5RQ    W5RQ    SOHP      497     79      78,526
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOLP     1228     80     196,480
N5DO    N5DO    N5DO    SOLP      965     80     154,400
NO5W    NO5W    NO5W    SOLP      654     77     100,716
K5XA    K5XA    K5XA    SOLP      505     75      75,750
K5JX    K5JX    K5JX    SOLP      469     76      71,288
W5ZL    W5ZL    W5ZL    SOLP      437     78      68,172
K5IID   K5IID   K5IID   SOLP      400     78      62,400
N5XJ    N5XJ    N5XJ    SOLP      298     72      42,912
K5OT    K5OT    K5OT    SOLP      140     59      16,520
NR5M    many    NR5M    M/S      1520     80     243,040

NR5M ops: K4ZA, KU5B, NR5M, NX5M, W2GD

"This was my first SS CW since 1994 from my Oklahoma QTH. My call then was NJ1V. I had a great time! But I forgot how intimidating that exchange can be for a first timer (after all of that time, give me a break and consider me a first timer!) It took me a while to get back into the rhythm of the contest. I had a family conflict on Sunday morning and had to QRT for some passing thunderstorms Sunday afternoon, but I enjoyed the break, and did better at the end of the contest. I missed some of the Canadian provinces and VI. So 100K points and a Sweep Cup has to be my goal for next year." - K5XA

"I met one of my long term SS goals this time by just getting past the 100K level for the first time. It seemed in doubt with about 30 minutes to go when I needed about 20 QSOs but I couldn't get anything going on 40 meters. Checking 80 meters, it seemed full of very strong signals and a good bit of QRN but it was my only hope. Surprisingly, I found a spot and got a decent run going and crossed the 100K target with about ten minutes to spare." - NO5W

"I got off to good start, but I bogged down a bit on the low bands. I made better use of SO2R this year, but you can sure sound like a lid when someone calls you while working a station on the second radio. I beat last year's score by 75 QSOs so I have to feel pretty good. It was nice to have VE4EAR call me on Sunday morning to complete the sweep. I think I worked every section at least twice except NNY. There were thunderstorms in the area on Sunday afternoon, but other than static discharge on the SteppIRs they did not cause a problem." - N5AW

"I did a poor job of preparation for this contest because I had a busy week before it. I left several things that needed to be done until the last minute. On Saturday, I still doing station setup and was running around out in the field trying to get Beverages to work. I finally gave up and just lived with what was working. I started the contest already exausted. I trudged along calling CQ and had some good early rates. My operating was straight-forward and very mechanical. However, my brain wouldn't cooperate when trying to do SO2R. It just required too much brain power that I didn't have available. I am sure that my accuracy will suffer. I hope I have learned my lesson and will be better prepared and rested next year. But who knows about next year? Just the same, it was still a lot of fun because it was SS CW." - K5NA

"I was so hoping to have the quad up by Sweepstakes, but it takes me so much longer to do things in my chair. Plusall the rain we have had keeps me from geing out in the yard. I geck and have to holler been very supportive. Anyway, the tower is up, I am building the hazer now, and will attack the quad next. I was shooting for 500 QSOs, but I settled for 400/78. I missed VO and VE8. I heard them both, but I couldn't bust the pileups.. At 67 I just can't stay in there as long as I used to." - K5IID

"This was a personal best for me even though I had my worst start. Rate hung in about 80 QSOs/hr for the first 12 hours and then dropped like a rock for the rest of the contest. I had just hung a three-element 40 meter quad at 110' fixed northeast and it was my go-to antenna on 40 meters. I probably spent too much time there and not milking 80 meters more. 20 meters was OK, but there were very strange conditions. Both coasts were hearing each other well, but I wasn't hearing them as well as they were hearing each other. My best contact was having VO1MP call in (20+ over S9) on 15 meters after I had given up on a sweep! That was Sunday afternoon and was a nice pick-me-up during the doldrums." - K5WA

"We had fun, hope you did too. Thanks to everyone for calling in." - W2GD (@ NR5M)

"This was a fun contest and good practice for me to improve on my CW skills." - N5XJ

"I'd hoped to make the top ten this year, but it wasn't in the cards. Conditions on Saturday caught me off guard. I couldn't seem to make any hay on 20 meters during the first hour. I kept at it until about 2:30AM local time Saturday night then took 2.5 hours off. I'd hoped to sleep, but didn't really get much. Of course, Sunday Sweepstakes is a whole other contest with much slower rates. About 4:00 PM, a loud thunder clap made me almost jump out of my seat. The power blinked off for a second not long after. The rate was sagging so I took a break. A few minutes later the rain was coming down in sheets, and I started feeling achy and really run down. I went back and forth for the next half hour and finally decided to throw in the towel. Even though I was disappointed not to finish, I think I made the right choice. The two mile dirt road was pretty soupy for my car, and it rained hard all the way home. I got home and slept like a rock for 12 hours and was able to work today. Next year, I'll rest up in advance and plan to take Monday off." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"With only wire antennas I have trouble holding a run frequency, so the QSO rate was low. What open spots I could find to call CQ were very high in the bands and competing with the RTTY guys (which I hesitate to do). Loads of fun, as usual." - W5RQ

"This was a part-time with my Elecraft K3 and a Buddipole." - K5OT


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