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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, Phone

Call     Op       Station   Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW      SOAB LP           860    297    765,369
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD      SOAB LP            48     27      3,888
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR      SOAB HP           399    185    221,445
AD5A     AD5A     AD5A      SOAB HP           275    134    109,746
K5NA     K5NA     K5DU      SOAB HP A         372    248    276,768
KU5B     KU5B     KU5B      SOAB HP A         385    228    263,340
K5DU     K5DU     K5NA      SOAB HP A         323    198    191,862
N5ZK     W5ASP    N5ZK      SOAB HP A         300    121    108,900
NA4M     NA4M     NA4M      SOAB HP A         260    130    101,400
W5YAA    W5YAA    W5YAA     SOAB HP A         269    112     90,384
K5TR     WM5R     K5TR      SOSB/15           359     72     77,544
NA5TR    NA5TR    NA5TR     SOSB/40            42     23      2,898
W5KFT    many     W5KFT     M/S              1005    261    635,796

W5KFT ops: N1XS, K5PI

"15 meters was open to EA/CT/F/I for several hours Sunday. I heard a weak PA and an ON (neither worked) but that was it. I had a much wider opening in the CW contest, but shorter in duration. Multipliers on 15 meters suffered as a result. It sounded like the Florida guys had a wider opening. I think this was the fewest JAs I've worked in this contest in many years. I only worked one on 15 meters. The big guns were strong on 40 meters, but I did not hear many of the little pistols." - N5AW

"Conditions seemed promising just before the start of the contest, with loud JAs coming in. But, it was not to be. The opening to Japan started to close right before the contest start and conditions to the west and northwest were awful all weekend. I worked only seven JAs all contest, and no other stations in east Asia. Saturday's morning opening to Europe was much better than Sunday's, but neither were very deep or lasted very long. Aside from two very weak Hungarians, I worked nobody in eastern Europe, and made only two QSOs to all of Scandinavia. Two Israelis and a station on Crete were nice surprises, but I never heard a station in the Balkans or north Africa." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"I intended to operate the full weekend as single band 15 meters, but when I got to the station, I had rotator damage, and spent the weekend removing antennas, mast, working on rotator, and reinstalling. I only spent a little time on 40 meters in the middle of Saturday night. I finally got the antennas running at 0005 UTC, just after the contest ended Sunday PM local time. Oh well, next year...." - NA5TR

"I decided to mess around at home to find new band countries and I ended up doing more than I'd thought I would. I gave a newly acquired Clipperton L amplifier a good run, and it worked perfectly." - KU5B

"I don't like SSB. It's noisy, it's busy, I have to talk, everything went wrong, and I just don't like it. First, my favorite amplifier, the unbreakable Henry 2K Classic stopped working. Then, the substitute Henry 2K-4 did not play well with the microKeyer II and kept making that device stop working. And then I decided to try to work 100 countries on 20 meters while K5NA was enjoying 15 meters. Overall we had fun. Now we get to take apart the 2K Classic, vacuum out the dust, and see what happened to its power supply. I like the big old amplifiers that help keep my feet warm in the winter." - K5DU (@ K5NA)

"This year everyone was too busy to do a serious multi-op. So I spent the weekend doing other work and operating part time when I took a break. I mostly chased multipliers when I was on and shared the station with K5DU who was also operating. Susan spent most of her operating time on 20 meters and that's why my 15 meter numbers were up compared to the other bands. I had to take the band that was available." - K5NA (@ K5DU)

"With the higher bands shut down, 20 meters is just too crowded to be able to get much of a run going and there aren't many South Americans who aren't running their own pileups on 15 meters, so I did S&P almost exclusively. I don't have an antenna cut for 80 meters SSB, so I was basically shutout from that band." - AD5A

"The low bands were quiet on Friday night, but there was lots of distant thunderboomer QRN Saturday night. We had a nice 10 meter opening on Sunday afternoon." - NA4M

"As usual, I just searched and pounced to evaluate the station. I purchased an Ameritron AL-572 this week, so it got a work out as well. The higher power seemed to be just what I needed to make an (UGH) phone contest fun. But after over 400 pileups, I am horse. I had to use the mic at all times as I have developed some hum with my computer DVK set up." - K2UR

"Not much time to operate due to overdue projects outside." - K3TD


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