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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Call     Op       Station   Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW      SOAB LP          1376    350  1,444,800
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR      SOAB LP           439    188    247,596
AF5Z     AF5Z     AF5Z      SOAB LP           190     99     56,430
N5KF     N5KF     N5KF      SOAB LP           120     78     28,080
K5YA     K5YA     K5YA      SOAB HP A        1572    326  1,537,416
K5DU     K5DU     K5DU      SOSB/10            27     13      1,053
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA      SOSB/80           631     83    157,119
K5WA     many     K5WA      M/S              1440    395  1,698,105
V31TP    many     V31TP     M/S              4796    284  4,063,188
W5KFT    many     W5KFT     M/2              2052    377  2,269,917

K5WA ops: K5WA, W5ASP
V31TP ops: WC0W, K5PI
W5KFT ops: KG5U, W5TA, N9NB, N1XS

"I decided that this year I would do a single-band 80M effort to make a possible run at the W5 record. But it seemed as though fate was going to have a say in whether I could do a serious effort or not. Three hours before the contest was to start, we discovered that the house suddenly had no water. Further inspection revealed a lake was quickly forming in our side yard. The water pipe had broken right next to the closest cut-off valve. An attempt to turn off another water value further up the line resulted in breaking the gate valve and now I had two water problems at two different points. The plumber worked on both problems while I held lights for him in the dark. I couldn't leave him to run to the radio. Finally at 0230Z the plumber was done and he packed up and left. I made my first 80M DX Contest QSO at 0233Z having missed the first 2.5 hours of the contest. Band conditions were really great, the noise was low, and my new K3 was working superbly. By the end of the first night I had already beaten the old W5 80M record. My QSO numbers were good, but my multiplier count was a little low. I felt I had missed some multipliers that would have been best to work in the first two hours of the contest. In spite of the obstacles, I enjoyed my weekend of contesting. And that's what it is all about." - K5NA

"W5SJS and I were busy trenching the ranch and installing hardline and cable to the new towers most of Saturday while W5ASP held down the fort and made a few contacts. Great conditions on 160 meters and 80 meters, but we never got on 10 meters at the right time to pick up the meager multipliers available there. Lots of fun though!!!" - K5WA

"I did better than I expected with no sunspots - I bested last year's score by 30% - but I'm still far behind the leaders. There were good low band conditions Friday evening/Saturday morning but heavy static on Saturday evening made 160 meters impossible and 80 meters difficult. I only made one QSO on 10 meters on Saturday (LU) and it looked like I was only going to make one on Sunday until a brief but fun opening to South America and the Caribbean on Sunday afternoon. I worked only two Europeans on 15 meters on Saturday but another brief European opening on Sunday gave me a chance to run the multiplier and QSO total up." - N5AW

"We had a great time, and things played well for us. It was a little disappointing to have just one QSO on 10 meters until about 44 hours into the contest, but then a check of 10 meters (just had to check) showed some life (21 QSOs and 10 multipliers total) which helped the bottom line. We were able to muster 100+ countries on two bands. And the last multiplier, with less than 5 minutes left, was BV who answered our CQ." - N1XS (@ W5KFT)

"I read two murder mystery books, went for a walk, worked about 25 Latin America QSOs, read another half a murder mystery book, and then the contest was over. My motto: Read Fast, QSO Slow. I sent about 4 gazillion CQs, heard lots of noise, and very few answers. Would I do it again? Maybe." - K5DU

"I evaluated my wire all-band doublet in the CQ World Wide DX Contest in the fall, and now after having the tree break under strain of ice, I decided to evaluate it again. It is higher and further away from the house. Boy is it quiet! I did not stay up all night or in the seat all day. Also only search and pounced. I think I might be able to run with this antenna, but wanted to try busting pileups for practice and a better idea how it's working." - K2UR

"We had a little rain just before the contest that settled down the noise very nicely for Friday night. We hit last year's 80 meter QSO total by the end of the first night. We kept an ear on 10 meters, but got almost nothing until Sunday afternoon when it briefly turned into the Florida QSO party. 15 meters was also pretty tough, with only a couple of good hours with broad opening. But that made for a wild ride!" - K5PI (@ V31TP)


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