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Contest Score Rumors

2009 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category     QSOs   Mults     Score
W5ZL     W5ZL     W5ZL    SO MIX LP     587     56    103,264
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SO MIX LP     194     45     24,840
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SO CW HP      885     63    223,020
K5FP     K5FP     K5FP    SO CW LP      356     38     54,112
K5PI     K5PI     K5PI    SO CW LP      308     34     43,330
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SO CW LP      280     35     39,200
N5ZK     N5ZK     W5ASP   SO CW LP      206     28     23,072
NO5W     NO5W     NO5W    SO CW LP      105     20      8,400
AA5VU    AA5VU    AA5VU   SO CW LP       58     24      5,568
K5OT     K5OT     K5OT    SO CW LP       60     19      4,560
W5CN     W5CN     W5CN    SO CW LP       41     20      3,280
NR5M     NR5M     NR5M    SO SSB HP    1247     53    132,076
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO SSB HP    1148     50    114,800
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SO SSB LP      55     17      1,870
NX5M     NX5M     many    M/S          1354    116    445,904

NX5M ops:  NX5M, KU5B, N5XJ, N5DUW

"I never do this contest seriously but try to get on a short while when conditions are good and I'm 'fresh meat'. Have had some fantastic rates in past ten meter contests. This year was not looking good early on - I spent about 15 minutes both mornings making a total of 15 contacts. I turned on the radio with less than an hour to go though, and the band was hopping. I made 68 QSOs in 21 minutes on CW followed by 111 QSOs on phone in 26 minutes - 179 contacts in 47 minutes - a real blast." - N5AW

"The conditions for the first 42 hours were the worst I have ever experienced in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. However, the band opened nicely at 1800 UTC on Sunday and stayed good until the end of the contest. It was worth waiting for. I worked very little DX: no Europe, Africa, or Asia. I worked only a few South Americans and Pacific stations other than W/VE stations." - K5NA

"On Friday afternoon, I decided to add this contest to my logging software and was concerned that I'd miss the opening on Saturday. Not to worry, there was no opening on Saturday, at least not in Houston. On Sunday, the band turned out better and I was even able to manage a few short runs with pipelines into the Midwest, but there was very little elsewhere and no DX heard." - NO5W

"Thank goodness this contest didn't end Saturday! Sunday brought amazing E skip to the Midwest, but no DX other than a 6Y5 on SSB. Rates on Sunday were fantastic at times. It was fun to watch the rate meter exceed 300 on SSB in spurts and well over 200 on CW. You can't maintain those rates for long using low power, of course, but it's a real rush while it lasts." - W5ZL

"The week before this contest, I mentioned to XE1KK that I had so far never failed to make 1000 QSOs in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. Up until Sunday afternoon, it seemed like a thousand contacts was going to elude me after all. My running QSO totals were well below what they were in the 2008 contest, and I was running out of time. In the end, I finished with about 90 more contacts this year than last year, so my streak is unbroken." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"I was impressed with K5NA, W5ZL, NX5M, K5TR (WM5R) and some others that hung in when the band seemed dead to me. Rare DX for me was WY and CT." - AA5VU

"Well, for the first two days (almost) I did think it was to be a 10 meter DEAD BAND CONTEST. I got just a few W5s and one W4 in Georgia. And those few that I heard out-of-state, I couldn't even raise them. Yet K5NA seemed to be running them through, pulling them out of nowhere. I couldn't even hear them. The next day, I got home on Sunday afternoon to a fairly hot 10 meter band in the 11th hour." - W5CN

"This is the second year in a row that I had commitments which took up most of the weekend. Fortunately I was able to get on for the best conditions of the weekend on Sunday afternoon." - N5DO

"It was a dead band on Saturday, but picked up a bit on Sunday." - K5FP

"It was a tale of two contests. Friday night and Saturday, I actually had four(!) full hours with only 3 QSOs each. I fell asleep at the mic several times, only to be awakened by someone calling me. (I hope I woke up on the first call!) Thank goodness for the automatic CQ button and the DVK. On the plus side, there wasn't a trace of line noise. I guess the rain washed the pole insulators. I did have a little bit of rain static from time to time, but at a 3-10 QSO/hr rate it cost me little. I felt that I could hear a pin drop." - NR5M

"I missed most of the E-skip this year." - K3TD

"I was on briefly from W5KFT on Saturday and then again from home on Sunday." - K5PI


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