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Contest Score Rumors

2008 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, Phone

Call     Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults      Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SOAB LP       303    183     174,948
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SOAB LP       344    203     132,559
AD0K     AD0K     AD0K    SOAB LP        46     41       2,460
K5TR     K5TR     K5TR    SOAB HP      3127    773   4,207,439
KT5J     N3BB     N3BB    SOAB HP      2456    683   2,775,512
K5ER     K5ER     K5ER    SOAB HP      1253    504   1,201,536
WM5R     W5KFT    WM5R    SOAB HP         0      0           0
W5VX     W5VX     W5VX    SOAB HP A     515    306     288,864
W5YAA    W5YAA    W5YAA   SOAB HP A     207    169      76,557
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SOAB HP A      89     73      14,965
NQ5K     NQ5K     W5ASP   SOSB/20       761    333     357,965
NX5M     NX5M     many    M/S HP       3896    938   6,197,614

NX5M ops: NX5M, KU5B, AB5K, K5GA, N5XJ

"Another fun WPX. This contest was very much like last years contest for me from a propagation standpoint, but if anything 15 meters was even worse. Without 15 meters, I just do not work much DX from this location. 40 and 20 meters just do not produce much runnable DX for me - maybe if I had some bigger antennas on 20 meters or if I was closer to Europe or something. I was sure that 15 meters was going to bust wide open to Europe on Sunday - and it did get very close but it just did not quite make it. There was an hour or two where the EA and CT stations were quite strong, but there were not many on and the opening did not extend into the rest of Europe." - K5TR

"I had hoped to come within 5% of K5TR, who I figured would win the W5-W0 WRTC region, but I came out well below the cutoff point for being able to salvage any qualifying score for WRTC. This weekend, along with the RDXC two weeks ago when I lost an amplifier and was limited to SO1R for the most part, both are discouraging. Lots of hard work. But they were contests, and I learned some things." - N3BB (@ KT5J)

"My all-band inverted L continues to work well on 40 meters." - K3TD

"I thought that I'd see how my new Yaesu FT-2000 worked on phone. (Yes I have a microphone!) We had a firmware update this week. It seemed to work real nice even with the lousy conditions. I had a couple of guys make smart aleck remarks." - W5VX

"The W5KFT ranch took a near or maybe even direct hit sometime after midnight the first night of the contest and I was without power at 1AM when I decided to try to sleep. When I woke up a few hours later, I discovered that my log was gone. I think I accidentally stepped on the PC power strip, shutting it off suddenly, during my hasty station shut down. I don't know why it never saved any of the 630+ contacts I had in the log by then. In 12 years of using TR Log, I've never lost a log before, even with sudden power loss. When I started checking things out, I thought the situation was pretty bad, but it turns out only a few things actually died. An IC in one of the Top Ten band decoders exploded, COM2 in the PC is dead, there are some LED issues in the other band decoder and a band pass filter, and a blown fuse (no spares on hand) in the SixPak control box. The wireless internet stuff seems partially dead and a D-Link router in the shack is brain dead. I spent a long time checking out antennas, rotors, amps, radios, switch boxes, the DX Doubler, etc. and those all seem to be OK." - WM5R (@ W5KFT)

"We lost two quality hours on 40 meters while a very slow moving thunderstorm seemingly sat on top of us. It made it really noisy for us before we had to shut down.... and it was no better once the threat had passed. With two hours of down time and a total of four hours of seriously high noise levels on the low bands, there is no telling how many QSOs and additional multipliers might have made it into the log. We thought the whole weekend was going to be a domestic contest with the A index so high....but it did get better." - NX5M

"Was it just me, or was someone playing with the 'enable propagation' switch? It seemed to come and go all weekend. I was glad to work a string of JAs on Sunday evening. I had to lose some time Saturday for the funeral of W5DDP. As seems to be the pattern for contest weekends in Texas and Louisiana - more lightning storms came through bringing low band noise and an forced early shutdown Saturday night." - K5ER

"I operated just for fun chasing DX. I spent more my time on 10 meters and 15 meters than someone would trying to optimize their score. I worked three JAs on 15 meters and a bunch of VKs and ZLs on both 10 meters and 15 meters, despite having pretty bad line noise to the southwest. I was only on 80 meters for about 45 minutes, but I worked six Europeans and three Africans - not bad for my low power. It would have really been great if the static hadn't been so bad." - N5AW

"Poor band conditions during time I was operating." - AD0K


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