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Contest Score Rumors

2008 IARU HF World Championship

Call    Station  Op      Category   CW QSOs  SSB QSOs   Zones  HQs       Score
K5WA    K5WA     K5WA     SOHP CW     1468               84     63     622,839
KZ5D    KZ5D     KZ5D     SOHP CW     1258                  172        618,168
W5VX    W5VX     W5VX     SOHP CW     1123               85     70     510,410
N5AW/0  N5AW/0   N5AW     SOLP CW      360               59     35      92,120
NO5W    NO5W     NO5W     SOLP CW      371                   69         73,209
AC5AA   AC5AA    AC5AA    SOLP CW       32               11     19       1,638
K5NA    K5NA     K5NA     SOHP MIX    1584      921     108     82   1,397,830
W5KFT   W5KFT    K5PI     SOHP MIX    1256     1232      98     84   1,284,920
N3BB    N3BB     N3BB     SOHP MIX    1559      779      98     92   1,260,063
N8NOE   N8NOE    N8NOE    SOHP MIX      52        1       6      6       1,392
W5ZL    N5AW     W5ZL     SOLP MIX     875      358       -      -     642,879
N5DO    K5FD     N5DO     SOLP MIX     868      224      73     68     422,520
K5OT    K5OT     K5OT     SOLP MIX     265       50      40     24      53,056
K5DU    K5DU/M   K5DU     SOLP MIX      17        4       9      4         559
NX5M    NX5M     NX5M     SOQP MIX     379      133         115        160,310
K5TR    K5TR     K5TR     SOHP SSB             2457      96     84   1,254,780
K5ER    K5ER     K5ER     SOHP SSB              972      59     56     313,720
K3TD    K3TD     K3TD     SOLP SSB               45      11      8       2,261
NR5M    NR5M     many     M/S         1196     1258     116    115   1,694,000
V31UB   V31UB    many     M/S         1631      258      76     56     840,708

(NR5M ops:  NR5M, NM5M, K5GA, K5NZ)
(V31UB ops: KU5B, K5WQG)

"There sure are a lot of new SSB ops on the bands here in the USA these days. It will be interesting when 15 meters and 10 meters start coming back - I think the contact totals will go up. Normally in this contest I have been getting about 2000 contacts, so I was a bit surprised to have over 2400 contacts this year. Both 40 meters and 80 meters seemed to be in very good shape and the European stations that I could hear were easy to work on both bands." - K5TR

"I wasn't well rested at all, but I'm pretty pleased with how I did. I'm still not an SSB fan, but this wasn't too bad, really. It was definitely interesting 'to see how the other half lives.' Thanks to everyone for the QSOs, especially W5ZL who seemed to dog me everywhere I went no matter how I tried to get away from him!" - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"I tried Skimmer here with a haywire lash up that allowed me to hook some of the lower antennas or Beverages into the SDR receiver. There were times when it did a good job of populating the band map. But like packet, a lot of the calls were wrong or not there when I listened. I haven't figured out yet if it helped me or just distracted me. I spent a lot of time looking for Skimmer spots instead of doing what I should have been doing, CQing. My laptop for Skimmer was a slower machine and it fell behind decoding when the band was heavly populated. But I was just learning the process and probably have a lot to do in order to use this tool effectively." - K5NA

"Joe Barr W5CT's death, about which I read on my Blackberry Friday night while setting up for the contest, was a huge shock, and at the risk of sounding hokey, I'll dedicate my IARU effort to Joe's memory. I'll miss the energy injection and the infectious enthusiasm of a "new old guy" joining our ranks." - W5ZL (@ N5AW)

"Congrats to K5NA and K5PI at W5KFT for terrific scores and efforts. Both guys beat me and did a fantastic job. The N5DX results were just amazing. I hope our friends on the east coast realize just how amazing this score is from W5. I don't think enough people understand how difficult it is in these European-centric contests to do that well from the midwest/south." - N3BB

"What a lot of fun! This was my first SO2R contest from my new location at W5SJS's Ranch. There is currently only one antenna per band, but we have BIG plans. My two new Elecraft K3s were extremely fun to use and I look forward to having more sleep before I try this again. I only got three hours of sleep on Friday night, so I was only able to stay awake for 17-18 hours during the contest." - K5WA

"I managed to squeeze in a few hours from home around pre-scheduled family activities. I enjoyed passing out some QSOs while getting better acquainted with the new radio." - K5OT

"I only had a very short time available to get on. 20 meters was already dead and my 40 meter DX antenna was down, so I had to use the low G5RV. 80 meters was almost a total bust due to antenna problems. It looks like I have work to do before the fall!" - AC5AA

"The contest was lots of fun, although I had to deal with heavy QRN on Saturday afternoon from 2200 UTC to 0600 UTC Sunday. A big thunderstorm just sat over my QTH and kept the noise at an almost impossible level. Sorry for all the repeats. This is still a great contest in the middle of summer. I like the 24 hour format. In fact, my stamina didn't hold out for all 24 hours as the report indicates. Maybe next year we'll see a few more sunspots. 72% of my QSOs were USA. I don't know where all these guys found 10 meters open. Nothing heard here, although I checked often." - KZ5D

"I operated from the car while driving around doing errands. I almost went off the road only once and spent a long time at traffic lights while I logged." - K5DU

"I was planning to operate the full 24 hours, but about 2:00 AM on Sunday, a thunderstorm with a little rain rolled in. One particularly loud lightning strike / thunder clap sounded like it was awfully close, so I shut down for 30 minutes. Around 3:00 AM it sounded like the lightning was back again, so I shut down a second time. This time I thought I would take a quick 15 minute nap, so I laid down in the back of my SUV and told myself to wake up in 15 minutes. Amazingly enough, I did. However I think the only thing that little nap accomplished was to tell my body how nice it would be to sleep longer, so the rest of the contest was a struggle to stay awake." - N5DO (@ K5FD)

"I spent a little more than a causal effort this time. I usually get tired listening to the QRN. There were some really interesting openings on 10 meters and 15 meters to Europe. There was also bad noise on 80 meters and 160 meters, but that's summertime. It sure will be nice when the sunspots come back." - W5VX

"This was my annual chance remember what the average ham contends with - 100 watts to a 25 foot high G5RV at our vacation home in southwest Colorado. It's definitely easier back home in Texas with big antennas, but it was still fun." - N5AW

"This was a lot of fun. The rates were overall fairly good, so we never really got too bored. The multiplier total is lacking, but we were just having too much fun running to go and chase them. Fortunately, we found that a lot of them called us as the contest progressed. Learning experience for next year!" - KU5B (@ V31UB)

"It was rough going with a minimal setup. The conditions were not great, especially early Saturday afternoon, but it was great fun as always with lots of top-notch CW operators. My biggest grin was breaking the pileup on ZD8Z on my second call -- he had great ears. Thanks to V31UB (Colin KU5B) for my only 15 meter QSO." - NO5W

"I decided to do this one with my backup antennas which is a 4 high stack of tribanders and wires for the low bands. I never even connected the 160 meter antenna. If I decide to this thing next year QRP, I am most certainly going to use the better antennas and put in more time." - NX5M


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