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Contest Score Rumors

2008 CTDXCC Sweepstakes CW Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOLP     1155     80     184,800
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOLP      585     78      91,260
W5ZL    W5ZL    W5ZL    SOLP      449     80      71,840
W5XD    W5XD    W5XD    SOLP      130     49      12,740
K5TR    N5RZ    K5TR    SOHP     1533     80     245,280
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOHP     1407     80     225,120
W5KFT   K5PI    W5KFT   SOHP     1398     80     223,520
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SOHP     1260     80     201,600
W5ASP   W5ASP   W5ASP   SOHP      830     80     131,520
W5RQ    W5RQ    W5RQ    SOHP      706     80     112,960
W5VX    W5VX    W5VX    SOHP      272     72      39,168
N5XU    AA5BT   N5XU    SRC       161     59      18,998

"Great activity!!!! 40 meters was a bottomless pit. My last section for the sweep was N5DO in WTX on 80 meters just about sunrise on Sunday morning. Thanks to all for the QSO's and again a special thanks to George for the use of his great station." - N5RZ (@ K5TR)

"This was my 9th full time, single op entry in Sweepstakes, and it's very unique. I feel like I learn something new each time. It's really two contests in one. The first day feels almost like a Sprint -- lots of big signals, fast CW, a long exchange. I worked in a few second radio QSOs, but mostly focused on copying everything right the first time on the run radio. Sunday is a whole other animal. I never even hit 60 QSOs an hour, but worked as hard as I ever have in a contest!" - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"The Sweepstakes is not one of my favorites, but since I was unable to operate CQ World Wide SSB this year, I decided to give it a go. It was a slow first hour, but things picked up with the next three hours over 80 QSOs/hour. I almost gave it up on Sunday morning when I couldn't get any answers to my CQs. Things got better in the afternoon, but it was still a slog to the end." - N5AW

"This was my best claimed score ever in the CW Sweepstakes by a total of three QSOs. Sometimes I thought conditions were better than last year, but other times I wasn't so sure. The QSOs seemed to come in waves, but then I would have some long lean periods with few QSOs. I think I was more tired starting this contest than ever before. I don't know if I didn't get enough sleep after the CQWW Phone or if my age is starting to catch up with me. I took a 90 minute nap just before the SS started, but that didn't seem to help much. I trudged through it in a fog and eventually made it to the end. Next year I will try to be more rested before it starts." - K5NA

"I've scored higher in times with better propagation, but this was a personal best in the CW weekend for me in the last few years. Again, with only wires for an antenna farm, it was difficult to compete with just a couple of slopers and inverted vees. My personal goal is to again have an error rate of less than 1%, so we'll see how that works out." - W5RQ

"I had a great start, but at 0400 UTC my only 40 meter antenna went dead. I guess some unresolved issues from Hurricane Ike. I tried 80 meters hard, but it just wasn't going to cut it, so I tossed in the towel. I think I was right in the mix with A power guys, with K0EU ahead some, K7BG right with me, and a couple others. Should be a good low power horserace! Then to add insult to it all, I was getting my log ready to send in before going to lunch Sunday and I did a dupe check, got an error, rebooted and all my QSOs were gone! It just wasn't in the cards this year! Lots of good operators and a bunch of fun while it lasted. I could have done without all the leading zero's in the serial numbers, but I would rather have them on than not.." - K5NZ

"This was a personal best and I had a ball. My best moment was around 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon (after giving up on my sweep), when VE8EV and KE0Z/VE4 called consecutively to finish my sweep. WOW!! Somebody was watching out for me. This was my first time to NOT work VY1JA in several years." - K5WA

"I hadn't intended to put a lot of hours in this weekend, especially given the (ahem) important football games on teevee yesterday, but I was surprised at how quickly I was filling in the little multiplier squares in N1MM, and ultimately the lure of an actual clean sweep sucked me in. I was "A" all the way, so trying to find those last few was quite a trick. I was missing some stupidly simple states until well into Sunday afternoon, like Delaware (heck, I was THERE physically Friday and can confirm that it ain't a postage stamp sized place!), Nebraska and, of all places Oklahoma. You'd think I would have worked ALL those guys before VY1, but no-o-o-o-oh. And speaking of the VY1 (and I think there was probably only one), man was he a project! He was quite strong here late this afternoon on 20, but apparently wasn't hearing well at all. Twice he was clearly calling me, but was missing some critical parts of the exchange (like my call the first time) when he inexplicably quits in the exchange and says he's QSY'ing. "QSY'ing WHERE???!!!" I finally broke the code. He was just ooching down a little at a time in an apparent attempt to lose the QRM covering the split (up one) calling frequency! That made no sense, but I finally completed the QSO. Nebraska was my last mult, and just after I worked the first one on 80 meters (KX9X) with extreme difficulty, I ran into another on 40 meters who was no-sweat loud. All this for a crummy whisk broom I'll lose in the clutter of my shack." - W5ZL

"I was at my place in Idaho and decided to take my Elecraft K2 and make a go of it for tradition's sake. I was able to raise a response from only about 1/3 of the stations I answered. I had hopes that maybe being in a less common section would give me a few dB, but calling CQ got me about the same 20/hour rate as S&P, but, with only one radio to work with, at least S&P gave me a sense of whether the band was even open, so that's how I spent most of the time." - W5XD/7

"Currently, we don't have a working computer at the shack, so no cluster info, and I just did the last 3.8 hrs, going around and calling a bunch of CQers. At that stage of the Sweepstakes there was not much waiting and almost everyone came right back except for K5NA, who CQ-ed back in my face 2-3 times before deigning to work me - I might have been off-frequency but I know I was loud, so I dunno what happened." - AA5BT (@ N5XU)

"Way too many interruptions to work the contest. 40 meters seemed especially good and 15 meters came through for a good run. 20 meters was 20 meters." - W5VX


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