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Contest Score Rumors

2008 CTDXCC ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Call   Station  Op    Category    QSOs   Sects  Ctys   Score
W5JAW   W5JAW   W5JAW   SO LP      273     65     7     40,824
K2UR    K2UR    K2UR    SO LP      236     51     1     24,700
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SO LP      151     50     2     16,016
N5KF    N5KF    N5KF    SO LP       68     33     0      4,488
AA5VU   AA5VU   AA5VU   SO LP       10     10     1        400
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SO HP     1550     78    34    377,104
K5WA    K5WA    K5WA    SO HP      396     67    13     67,440
N3BB    N3BB    N3BB    SO HP      253     66     4     36,260

"I usually enter this to see if I can work WAS in a few hours. I did it last year in four hours, but I couldn't pull it off in my time on the air this year. I never heard Alaska or Wyoming. Idaho and North Dakota were heard working S&P only, so I never had a chance to call. I had fun, anyway. It's always a kick to see who can hear my tiny signal, radiated by my tiny antenna." - W5JAW

"The ARRL 160M Contest has long been my favorite contest. This is the 39th year this contest has been held and I have participated in 34 of them, mostly as a single-operator. In past years when I lived in New York, my goal was always to try to win it all. But now that I live in Texas, my goals are more simple - to just try to make the top ten. This year I made more QSOs than ever before with my best score ever, but I still won't make the top ten. It is a different contest here in the Southwest than it is on the East Coast. And that's not a complaint, just a fact of life." - K5NA

"I missed most of Friday. I made more QSOs this year than last year, but worked 10 fewer sections - including several in California and Canada." - K3TD

"I am building a new station this year and had not spent much time on my 160 antenna, so this contest was really an extended antenna test that I was simply going to play with on Friday night. The shunt fed tower, that I thought worked, was a real dud. On Friday night, I sat and listened to K5NA calling CQ and was fairly pleased that I could hear the stations that called him until a G, an F, and a DL called in and I heard squat! I also noticed that he was maintaining a great rate and when I called CQ, it was a pretty mediocre response. I was NOT loud. I went to bed around 2 AM in total disgust with my setup. On Saturday, I decided to build a 1/4 wave wire vertical with an elevated radial (just one so far) at 15' above ground. I had a number of other projects to complete that day, but I got the vertical up and it was resonant about 1840...close enough. I was only able to spend about two hours operating on Saturday night, but I had a great CQ session. It was a HUGE change from the previous night and I knew I was on the right track. The Europeans were louder than many of the stateside guys. Even though I only had a few hours to play contest this weekend, I finally feel like I've gotten my 160 meter antenna figured out." - K5WA

"I just got on and called CQ as fresh meat. Bands were quite quiet. Very little DX heard here. Conditions to North America were 'nice and easy.'" - N3BB

"On most bands I consider myself a little pistol. On 'top band' I am just a pea shooter. I didn't spend much time at this, but I had more fun than ever before. I am running low power (150 watts) to a Cobra antenna at only 30 ft. above ground." - K2UR

"Somebody has to be on bottom of the list." - AA5VU


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