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Contest Score Rumors

2008 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category    QSOs   Mults     Score
N5TW     N5TW     N5TW    SO CW QRP    179     36     25,776
W5GAI    W5GAI    W5GAI   SO CW QRP    145     39     22,620
K5PI     K5PI     K5PI    SO CW LP     191     38     29,032
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SO CW LP     190     35     26,600
AA5VU    AA5VU    AA5VU   SO CW LP      51     20      4,080
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR    SO CW LP      65     22      5,720
K5DU     K5DU     K5DU    SO CW LP       5      4         80
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SO CW HP     783     56    175,392
N5ZK     N5ZK     W5ASP   SO CW HP     162     40     25,280
N3BB     N3BB     N3BB    SO CW HP     115     21      9,660
N8NOE    N8NOE    N8NOE   SO CW HP      40     14      2,240
W5SL     W5SL     W5SL    SO MIX LP    137     53     25,220
W2MN     W2MN     W2MN    SO MIX LP    128     45     20,160
W5SV     W5SV     W5SV    SO MIX HP     18     10        572
K6RV     K6RV     K6RV    SO MIX HP     66     35      8,120
NR5M     NR5M     NR5M    SO SSB HP   1344     59    158,474
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO SSB HP   1055     55    116,050
NX5M     NX5M     NX5M    M/S         1366    120    456,240
W5YAA    W5YAA    many    M/S          802     85    209,610
K5NZ     K5NZ     many    M/S          136     41     19,598
K3TD     K3TD     many    M/S           69     33      6,534

NX5M ops:  NX5M, KU5B, N5XJ, N5DUW, KJ5T
W5YAA ops: W5YAA, K5YA
K5NZ ops:  K5NZ, packet
K3TD ops:  W3TD, K3TD

"We got a lot of practice at weak signal work. Last year we logged over 800 qsos in the first 6 hours. This year there were only 141 qsos in the log by the time we called it quits the first night but did have a little DX in the log as several ZL's gave us a call. Saturday turned out to be a very long day. I would like to say thanks to that the person that turned on the switch Sunday morning. Although it was not really close to the best of times, it was very much improved over what everyone had been dealing with." - NX5M

"I always enjoy getting on for a few hours in this contest since it can produce some really high rates (low ones too though). Saturday morning I was pleasantly surprised with an opening to the Caribbean and South America. However, the only US signals were from Florida and Texas. Sunday morning was much better, with US signals from all call areas except W1. I had a 107 QSO hour and ZL1AIZ even called in off the back of my beam." - N5AW

"My score is almost 10k points more than last year when I ran QRP all modes. I actually got a slow run going on Sunday afternoon. I'm still sore in the chest from quintuple bypass open heart surgery on Thursday, December 4. Keyboard/N1MM came in handy." - W5GAI

"This was a part time low power M/S effort with Dave, W3TD who was visiting from Pennsylvania. It was nice to finally get some E-skip on Saturday and Sunday." - K3TD

"Friday evening and Saturday morning were quite challenging. Saturday morning was the first time I was able to work beyond the vast Texas border. My rig was an Elecraft K3 and I was using an N8LP Panadapter. That panadapter was my secret weapon. By watching it occasionally, I could see when more than the locals were coming in. Things opened up a little Saturday evening, but I had pretty much decided to do something else on Sunday based on results. Sunday was a very different animal, though, with lots of signals on the panadapter! I was in the chair running a frequency for about 9 hours Sunday." - N5TW

"I had I'm fun, but there was lots of QSB. I worked 13 QSOs on phone, the rest on CW. I'm not a big gun with 500 watts to a vertical dipole! I could not hear a lot of the stations Richard, Tom and Jim were running." - K6RV

"The 10 meter band was not that good. In my part time effort I managed to work the following club members: W5YAA, K5NA, NX5M, K5PI, W5ZL and N3BB. I heard but did not work W5SL. Did not hear any 1's or 2's or the Pacific NW." - AA5VU

"I got on the air to tweak my logging software and check out the computer I just bought to replace the one stolen in Mozambique. Then I just got caught up in the contest and continued operating. I did find several club members to work. Most of my time was part of Sunday afternoon with a few minutes late Friday evening and I worked a couple of stations early Saturday morning. I worked very few South American DX stations later Sunday but never heard any DX outside SA and very few of them. Never heard any W1's so guess they were iced in, or band conditions were that bad, or both." - W5SL

"I was logged in for about 13 hours, operating under low power (mostly CW and some SSB). The long periods (hours) hearing just the same Texas stations calling CQ TEST was somewhat frustrating, but that's the way it goes when the band is dead. I made a game of trying to contact all the CTDXCC stations who said they would be on in the contest. I worked all I could hear: 7 of 13." - W2MN

"During this contest, I went from falling asleep in the chair six to seven times on Saturday to not being able to leave the chair and wishing I had a relief tube available on Sunday (I didn't and I didn't!!)" - NR5M

"We had poor conditions here in Central Texas. The only time the band showed some life was on Sunday morning when I had three good hours with good rates, then the band went bad again." - K5NA

"I was over 27 hours into the contest before I had a QSO total that equaled what I worked in the first hour of the 2007 contest. The only good Eskip I had all weekend was on Sunday, when I managed three 100+ hours in a row." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"I regretted my limited time on, but had fun anyway. I did notice that CW was more fun than phone (what else is new?). And again, Richard, K5NA gets the loudest, cleanest signal on the band (he is about 8 miles away)." - W5SV

"Sunday I came on at 1800 UTC and found a band that was alive. I started tuning at the bottom and then settled in and indulged my favorite contest activity of calling CQ and 'hearing the world turn.' In this case, hearing the ten meter spotlight move around. I made 55 contacts in the next half hour, then came back on in another half hour and made another 55 in the following twenty minutes. I was fresh meat, so that was not difficult." - N3BB

"Wasn't around for the Sundays openings..." - W5ASP (@ N5ZK)

"A very limited operation. I was away for 5 hours during the day on Sunday." - K2UR

"I was on intermittently from home with my C-4E at 40 feet and WM5R's Elecraft K2. Saturday was tough, but Sunday was pretty fun. Bring back the sunspots!" - K5PI

"I had some fun in this one. I was just giving points out and trying for some new ones. I copied most by ear and I am trying to get my CW better. I used CocoaModem and did have a few problems, but I think I got it fixed. I worked a few in the club, and I'm sure I'm at the bottom of score on this one, but someone has to do it." - N8NOE

"Did I win the 'lowest CTDXCC score' contest? I tried to work club members, but I heard only K5NA and K5PI. I operated mobile while I did some errands. Sending CW mobile is not difficult, logging is impossible. The notebook fell on the floor and I couldn't reach it, the pen dropped in the other direction. Next year I'll buy a tiny recorder." - K5DU


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