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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, CW

Call    Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW    N5AW     N5AW    SOAB LP       306    226     156,618
KT2Z    K5NA     K5NA    SOAB HP      2284    714   3,510,024
NT5C    N3BB     N3BB    SOAB HP      2281    690   3,278,190
WC5T    W5KFT    K5PI    SOAB HP      1325    520   1,366,040
NQ5D    K5NZ     K5NZ    SOAB HP      1290    489   1,173,111
NX5M    NX5M     many    M/M          4092    932   7,250,960

NX5M ops: NX5M, KU5B, N5XJ, N5DUW, NO5W, N5NU, KH6SH, K5OT, K5GQ

"It was a close race here with K5NA, but he did better on ten meters and racked up an impressive JA total on 80 meters - great six pointers there. He had two pretty good last hours on 20 meters and pulled away to a nice margin with that. Congratulations to Richard, and to all the terrific efforts across the board." - N3BB

"This was a very challenging weekend for me. Just before I left for the W5KFT ranch station, I heard that there had been some lightning damage out there - along with eight inches of rain in the last 24 hours! It turned out that a couple of computers were dead, along with the control chips in two rigs, a power supply and a few other gadgets. I scrambled to get set up, but still had issues when the contest started. So I decided I'd focus on getting things fixed up and operate part time." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"I planned to really do this one, and even got some off time coaching from N3BB, but it seems I took an extra 19 hours off for some reason! I enjoyed my Saturday off time at NX5M watching some guys that really work hard and stay in the chair!" - K5NZ

"This was my first time that I remember doing an all-band effort in the CQ WPX Contest. I have typically done single-band 10M efforts where I didn't have to worry about all the strategy decisions. But with some encouragement from friends, I gave it a try. I have to admit that I might be back doing a single-band next year. All that strategy thought just gives me a headache." - K5NA

"It was a wet and stormy weekend here in Texas. You guys who were trying to call us on the low bands... I hope you understand what it sounded like here. One word describes it: BRUTAL. There were many who were impossible to pull out of the noise. I think the Iron Man Award for my crew goes to N5DUW, who sat in the 40 meter chair from 0400 UTC until 1330 UTC Saturday without taking a break. This was not planned of course, but his 40 meter partner never came back into the shack during the night and most of the morning, and missed eight hours of his scheduled operating time." - NX5M

"My operation was a few 'just for fun' hours sandwiched into a busy holiday weekend. The conditions were not the greatest. I didn't even attempt to make QSOs on 80 meters or 160 meters with all the thunderstorms in our area." - N5AW


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