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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX CW Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs      Zones  Countries    Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP         1093      130     405     1,572,365
W5ZL    W5ZL    W5ZL    SOAB LP          204      145      75       115,940
AA5VU   AA5VU   AA5VU   SOAB LP          154       26      28         8,316
AF5Z    AF5Z    AF5Z    SOAB LP A        142       61      95        55,224
W5KFT   W5KFT   N1XS    SOAB HP         1298      105     244     1,042,114
N5XJ    NX5M    N5XJ    SOSB/10 HP A      80       15      32         7,943
N5ZK    N5ZK    W5ASP   SOSB/15 HP A     206       25      84        61,912
K5GA    K5NZ    K5GA    SOSB/20 HP       942       35     131       441,892
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOSB/40 HP       456       34     100       159,326
KU5B    NX5M    KU5B    SOSB/40 HP A     921       36     128       360,800
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    SOSB/160 HP A    109       18      60        20,514
K5NA    K5NA    many    M/S HP          1985      161     588     3,842,370
W5VX    W5VX    many    M/S HP           692      122     348       817,330
ZF1A    ZF1A    many    M/2 HP         10168      149     577    17,707,141

K5NA ops:  K5NA, K5DU, N3BB, K5WA
W5VX ops:  W5VX, K5TSQ
ZF1A ops:  K6AM, K5PI, N7MH, AC6T

"I finally got a chance to operate CQ World Wide after being away for awhile. The weather was terrible in Texas, and I had rain static from 1200 UTC to 2200 UTC on Saturday. I had to use the Beverages in order to hear anything the entire 10 hours, and it was brutal. The only mults I missed that I heard were 9V1 and XW1, both very weak. I had planned on leaving at 2100 UTC Sunday due to family obligations, and with 30 minutes left, I told Mike the only zone I needed that was workable was zone 40. So I turned the Yagi northeast and started CQing. Within 10 minutes, TF4M called. After logging it, I turned everything off and went home. Thanks to Mike and Susan for taking care of me. The traditional pre-contest motorcycle trail ride through the woods was frigid but as always, fun and relaxing." - K5GA (@ K5NZ)

"I am not a skilled CW operator, but it was fun." - AA5VU

"This was my first effort SO2R for real... and it is not as easy as it sounds. To all of you guys who have mastered this, my hat's off to you. This was also my first Single Operator effort in this contest. Lots of screwups in plans and I had a little issue with Murphy and telnet, so I went Single Operator instead of Single Operator Assisted. Now that was different, but very neat in many ways. I found stuff or stuff called in instead of being stuck in packet pileups. Sometimes, tuning the second radio and not getting stuck DXing (well I screwed that up, too!) was truly different. Operating Single Operator was a hoot - spots may have helped the bottom line, but I'm not sure how much it would have distracted. So much to learn." - N1XS (@ W5KFT)

"With two other operators here doing single band efforts, I decided I would just mess with 160 meters a little while working on some other issues in the shack." - NX5M

"We spent a good deal of our setup time working to get a new Force 12 two-element 80 meter beam (model 280) tuned and up 92' in the air on a motorized Sky Needle. All that work seems to have really paid off, as we increased our QSO total by more than 50% from last year and worked 17 more countries. We were a bit anxious about 40 meters, as we lost half of the longest element on the big Mosley and had a fairly high SWR. But it didn't seem to affect performance much. We put up a 160 meter inverted vee at the last minute and it tuned up perfectly the first time (!) and performed well. We checked 10 meters regularly on Saturday, but couldn't manage more than a few QSOs. Then on Sunday, the door opened to the USA and we raced through a monster pileup in about a half hour before it closed again." - K5PI (@ ZF1A)

"I enjoyed reinstalling my 40 meter vertical and 80 meter inverted-L on Friday just before the contest. My CW operating skills are rusty, but I had fun for a few hours during the contest." - AF5Z

"Knowing I probably wouldn't find a good run frequency at the start, I spent the first hour or so of the contest S&P for as many mults as I could. I found a decent run frequency and attempted to run...no such luck. I commented to NX5M on Saturday morning that I must've missed the memo saying 'only Europe can CQ this contest'. I continued S&P for another couple of hours sometimes spending up to 10 minutes to work somebody." - KU5B (@ NX5M)

"This was definitely not my year. Not that it would have made much difference, but I am still rebuilding antennas after the storm damage of last spring. I currently have only two high band antennas - one fixed NE and the other a rotary SteppIR. The SteppIR is a good antenna, but not the best for sharing with SO2R. I had three rotary and one fixed antenna in 2006. On the bright side - this was my highest ever QSO and country totals on 40 meters and 80 meters including DXCC on 40 meters for the first time ever in a contest. I hope to have a better high band antenna line up for ARRL DX." - N5AW

"There was not too much happening on 10 meters. I worked a few Africans, several New Zealanders, no Europeans or Japanese, and one Australian near the end of the contest. It's always fun operating from NX5M, a station that hears so well, thanks Bob!" - N5XJ (@ NX5M)

"We had a small team of operators trying to keep both the run and the multiplier station manned. About 0200 UTC the second day (Saturday evening local time) the commercial power went completely off while a major cold front was passing through the area. We could see lights in the distance, but since we live in the country we were not sure if it was just us or whether it was our general area suffering an outage. I proceeded to set up my little Honda generator on the back porch and 1.5 hours after losing power, we were back on the air using emergency power. The little generator wasn't big enough to power the amplifiers, just a couple of barefoot rigs and their computers. For the next 13 hours we ran the two computers and two rigs barefoot doing the best we could. The little generator grunted, groaned, and strained but it was keeping us on the air. I admit that when we lost our commercial power, all of us lost some of our focus and enthusiasm needed to carry on at 100% effort. But somehow, we all trudged through it without giving up and we did the best we could." - K5NA

"This was not our year - K5TSQ and I were both sick. We got only 18 hours of operating time before we had to give up the ship. There will always be next year and the sunspots will be better." - W5VX

"I put in very limited time from home while trying to recover from a nasty cold." - W5ZL


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