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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC Sweepstakes Phone Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SOLP      205     68      27,880
K5TR    K5TR    K5TR    SOHP     2093     80     334,880
W5KFT   WM5R    W5KFT   SOHP     1812     78     282,516
W5RQ    W5RQ    W5RQ    SOHP      506     79      79,948
KX5R    W5ASP   KX5R    SO/U     1010     80     160,480
W5YAA   W5YAA   W5YAA   SO/U      252     74      37,296
K5NA    many    K5NA    M/S      2059     80     329,440

K5NA ops: KU5B, K5NA, K5DU

"People who know me know I am not a phone person and I dreaded the thought of doing the ARRL November Sweepstakes, Phone as a single operator. But I didn't want the station to go idle this year, so Susan and I decided to do a multi operator effort. Then we heard that Colin KU5B was looking for a place to do the contest, and we decided to invite him over to join us. This turned out to be one of the better decisions that I have ever made. Colin settled in, doing 99 percent of the running for the weekend and I filled in occasionally only when needed. He did a terrific job of fighting the QRM, digging out the weak callers, maintaining a run frequency, while keeping up impressive QSO rates. In short, Colin was terrific." - K5NA

"This is the first year I've gone to bed on Saturday night with over 1000 QSOs. I had a really slow first hour on 20 meters before things began to pick up. I think I just got lucky on 40 meters and managed to get good frequencies that held up through the broadcasters' schedules. This is a personal best QSO total for me, but I never heard a station from Nl or Nt sections all weekend." - WM5R (@ W5KFT)

"I used an inverted L at 30'. I had fun playing part time." - K3TD

"I had to go Unlimited to find the Missouri multiplier, and I nearly didn't work him in the QRM. It's funny how the "not so common" ones can easily be missed ... especially when the skip is long." - W5ASP (@ KX5R)

"Another fun Sweepstakes. I have been trying for a long time to get a full hour above 200 QSOs/hr and once again I did not make it, although I did get closer - next year!" - K5TR


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