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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC ARRL RTTY Roundup Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs   St/Pv   Cnty    Score
NA4M    NA4M    NA4M    SOLP      327     49      6    17,985
AC5AA   AC5AA   AC5AA   SOLP      288     46     13    16,992
KA5EYH  KA5EYH  KA5EYH  SOLP      280     43      9    14,560
AD0K    AD0K    AD0K    SOLP      214     42     12    11,556
K5WWT   K5WWT   K5WWT   SOLP      150     33     11     6,600
K5NZ    UR1DOG  K9SEX   SOHP      828     57     42    81,972
AA5VU   AA5VU   AA5VU   SOHP      383     51     17    26,044
KU5B    KU5B    KU5B    M/S        84     30      3     3,108

KU5B ops:  KU5B, packet

"I did not do as well this year as 2006 when I had over 500 QSOs but did not spend as much time in the chair. I got tired of having send my call several times on 80 meters, so I turned on the amplifier for some of the QSOs and this puts me in the high power class even though most of my QSOs were made using less than 100 watts. I missed DC, VT, MT, and ND for WAS, but did get OK this year. The highlight to me was having K1ZZ respond to my CQ. Nobody confused me with AA5AU this year and AB5K was missed." - AA5VU

"This was my first time on the air since July, but I had a good time. I used 100 watts and a dipole, operated mostly on 20 meters, and still managed to pull some good ones in the ten hours I had available. I observed uniformly good operating. Sorry to those few stations when I hit the wrong macro key...I will get better. I was hoping for a WAS and managed 39 out of the 50 states." -AD0K

"I had fun, but it would have been nice to have had better band conditions." - KA5EYH

"I was not feeling very well this weekend, but I made an effort for a while. There were plenty of stations to work, and conditions seemed good except of course on 10 meters. I ran low power, 50 watts, and I was pleasantly surprised that all my QSOs except one came from CQing and running on each band - even 80 meters. It was relatively easy to hold a frequency and have plenty of callers for the short of amount of time I felt like operating." - NA4M

"I operated just a few minutes here and there." - KU5B

"Great participation! I guess this is where we will have to go for good rate in future with all the new HF no-codes...but it sure will be good for the RTTY logs! This is the best I have done for sure as SO1R, with great rate when I was on (I had a 114 QSO hour on 40 meters). I just wish I could have stayed in the chair. I was working Europe at 3:35 PM local time Saturday on 40 meters... and lots of them.... Unreal. 15 meters never fired Sunday morning, just a handful of European big guns, and I checked 10 meters often and even CQed some there, but not a peep." - K5NZ


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