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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, Phone

Call      Station   Op      Category      QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW      N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP        771    279    645,327
KA5EYH    KA5EYH    KA5EYH  SOAB LP         50     32      4,800
K5NA/M    K5NA/M    K5NA    SOAB LP         42     29      3,654
AD0K      AD0K      AD0K    SOAB LP         57     18      1,026
AA5VU     AA5VU     AA5VU   SOAB LP         13     11        429
WM5R      WM5R      WM5R    SOAB LP          2      2         12
NA4M      NA4M      NA4M    SOAB HP A      331    187    185,691
K5NZ      K5NZ      K5NZ    SOAB HP A      336    167    168,336
W5YAA     W5YAA     W5YAA   SOAB HP A      336    138    139,104
N5ZK      N5ZK      W5ASP   SOSB/15        251     60     44,820

"This was a frustrating contest. The problems I had on CW working Europe on 40 meters were far worse on phone. In past years, I have done almost as well on 40 meters with a vertical as I did this time with a two-element Yagi at 137 feet! I actually had more countries on 80 meters than 40 meters. Europeans that were 20 db over S9 on 40 meters couldn't hear me. I also should have done better on 20 meters, but I just get tired of digging through the east coast QRM there - it is a lot more fun on 15 meters, especially when the skip is so long that we don't hear many US stations (much of this weekend). There were some short periods on almost every band where conditions were very good, but most of the time it was tough going." - N5AW

"I only operated in three one-hour periods, and only on 20 meters and 15 meters. I managed to snag some new ones for me, especially EI8GS and VP8KF. I am very glad to know that with some persistence, my 100 watts and low dipole is able to work some good DX." - AD0K

"For the first time in years, there was no multi-op effort at the K5NA station. Instead, we attended a family wedding and I did most of my operating between Beaumont, TX and Austin, TX. Working mobile is always fun, no matter what the score results." - K5NA

"I operated from my car, parked in a campground area of the Sam Houston National Forest, near the northern end of Lake Conroe, about 100 kilometers NNW of Houston. I was in the forest for an orienteering meet, and had limited time to play radio. I am always surprised at how well my really small mobile antenna can hear DX stations. With just one meter of stiff wire, I could easily copy high power stations all over the Americas and western and northern Europe on 20 meters. Even with 100 watts, though, it was really tough for anyone to hear me. I had to leave just as 10 meters was starting to show life, or I might have had a few more QSOs." - WM5R

"A part time effort to give out a few signal reports..." - AA5VU


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