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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Call   Station  Op    Category    QSOs   Sects  Ctys   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SO LP      451     76    18     90,428
W5JAW   W5JAW   W5JAW   SO LP      248     69     9     40,794
AF5Z    AF5Z    AF5Z    SO LP      158     59     6     21,710
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SO LP      138     61     3     17,385
K5TR    K5TR    K5TR    SO HP      555     71     9     91,200
AC5AA   AC5AA   AC5AA   SO HP       76     44     5      7,216
N5TW    N5TW    many    M/S        745     76    28    167,440
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    M/S        723     78    28    165,042
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    M/S        559     76    11    100,137
N5XJ    N5XJ    N5XJ    M/S        304     70     5     46,725 
N3BB    N3BB    N3BB    M/S        190     61     1     23,746

N5TW ops:  W5TA, N5TW

"I planned to put in a couple more hours, but the football games were too entertaining. A bonus was working EA6BF for DXCC entity number 84 with the micro-vertical." - W5JAW

"This was an off year for me because I couldn't stay in the operating chair for too long at any one sitting. I have a pinched nerve/muscle in my leg that makes it painful to sit in one place for very long. So this year I kept my ARRL 160 Meter Contest operating effort at a minimum, even though this is my favorite contest of the year." - K5NA

"Going in, I thought I might put in two or three hours - I ended up with nearly eight. I felt a little guilty after putting in 42 hours in CQWW CW, but my wife seemed to take it in stride. I guess after 44 years of marriage, she's used to it." - N5AW

"I made some changes to my 160 antennas this fall and wanted to try them out a bit. They seem to be working ok. I seem to have a decent signal - I don't own the band, but that is OK. Mostly I just called CQ. It was nice to have some European stations call me. I was amazed at how many sections I was able to work in my short time CQing on the band." - K5TR

"This contest is a lot of fun. How nice it would be to run it with something other than a short vertical!" - AC5AA

"Dick Foster W5TA and I did a for fun effort this year - I am rusty, but I did better than I thought I would. We had nice quiet conditions with good propagation. When I did it the first night, the European DX was quite clear and I had no difficulties breaking through the east coast - the hard part in some cases was hearing your call come back with the LIDS continuously calling...." - N5TW

"I had fun - wish I could have operated more!" - K3TD

"I was able to get on part time for the ARRL 160 Meter Contest using 100 watts with an inverted-L. Conditions seemed good, and I was able to work most of the stations that I could hear well. My Ten-Tec Omni-VI has developed some kind of 'jumping frequency' problem on 160 meters, so I quit on Saturday morning." - AF5Z

"I plan to replace my current half-wave sloper for 160 meters with a "tee-top" antenna with much more vertical component. It's a W5JAW-design....the (not so) secret weapon here (I hope). I need to work on it before the ARRL DX contest. The current antenna is decent, certainly not great, for North and South American stations, but it is marginal for Europe and Japan. I really feel like the 90 pound weakling to Europe for sure." - N3BB


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