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Contest Score Rumors

2007 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category    QSOs   Mults     Score
KG5U     KG5U     KG5U    SO CW QP     382     42     64,344
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW    SO CW LP     262     40     41,920
K5OT     K5OT     K5OT    SO CW LP     107     28     11,984
K5PI     K5PI     K5PI    SO CW LP      72     15      4,320
K5DU     K5DU     K5DU    SO CW LP      14      6        336
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SO CW HP    1222     64    313,344
N5ZK     N5ZK     W5ASP   SO CW HP     573     44    100,760
W5VX     W5VX     W5VX    SO CW HP     374     39     58,500
W5GAI    W5GAI    W5GAI   SO MIX QP    125     32     12,608
AC5AA    AC5AA    AC5AA   SO MIX QP     62     28      6,496
N5DO     N5DO     N5DO    SO MIX LP    560     70    116,340
W5ZL     W5ZL     W5ZL    SO MIX LP    418     59     80,240
AA5VU    AA5VU    AA5VU   SO MIX LP     92     40     12,720
K5NZ     K5NZ     K5NZ    SO MIX HP    703     69    147,798
NA4M     NA4M     NA4M    SO MIX HP    280     34     19,856
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SO SSB LP    244     34     16,592
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO SSB HP   1709     52    177,736
NA5TR    NA5TR    NA5TR   SO SSB HP    876     48     84,096
NX5M     NX5M     many    M/S         2243    115    687,700
W5YAA    W5YAA    many    M/S         1184     86    312,524
N3BB     N3BB     many    M/S          356     34     48,416

NX5M ops:  NX5M, N5XJ, KU5B, N5DUW, AB5K
W5YAA ops: W5YAA, K5YA
N3BB ops:  N3BB, packet

"This year's ARRL 10 Meter Contest was the best start that I have ever experienced in a 10 Meter Contest. I was astounded when I started with a first hour on CW making 184 QSOs (It actually peaked at 187 QSOs/hr between 0004 UTC and 0104 UTC). The 10 meter band was open to all of the Midwest plus W4 and W6 with some W7. By the time I went to bed at 0600 UTC, I had 531 QSOs in the log which was my best ever Friday evening from Texas." - K5NA

"I always have fun in this contest. The sporadic E propagation was simply spectacular this year. The last year I had a 200 hour in this contest was 2002, and this year I nearly had two in a row." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"The first four hours were a blast. 277 QSOs worked in the first hour. We ended the first night with 818 QSOs in the log. We probably could have run over 1000 QSOs the first night had we stayed on SSB, but that would have been a mistake. The CW rates were good the second hour, but the rate dropped some... typical I guess, since some callers send slower than others. We ate well, nothing broke and had some good times along with the bad times. See you next year!" - NX5M

"In the beginning this contest looked promising. My rate meter was over 200 (short-term) several times. Unfortunately, I had some things to do this weekend and when I got back the band was dead. Very disappointing. I have never worked so many IA, MO, and AL stations in one contest in my life!" - W5VX

"Wow! Bottom of the cycle and that was the best start to a contest I have ever had! Stopped at 0400 UTC the first night with 568 QSOs, then had to stop Saturday morning at 1600 UTC to leave for a race. I sure wish I could have had more time for this one! When the E skip was open to W8, W9, and W0 at the start, I knew there might be a chance for some big numbers if it stayed open, and it did! Then Saturday morning it opened to the southeast US and I think I worked everyone in Florida! It was nice to have three South Africans call in during the Florida run. I had to pull myself away at 1600 UTC just as the rate meter said my last 60 minutes was at 106 QSOs/hr. I hope others had some good conditions like this!" - K5NZ

"I got back to town on Saturday, and got on for a short while after 2300 UTC, then a few more hours on Sunday. The band conditions were very poor, and all of my QSOs except two were to the north and northeast." - W5GAI

"We had nice conditions the first night. In three hours on Friday, I had 204 QSOs and 28 multipliers. In three more hours spread across Saturday and Sunday, I only got 40 more QSOs and six more multipliers." - K3TD

"We had amazingly good conditions here in west Texas on Friday evening. Unfortunately, I had an dinner appointment so I could only operate for 30 minutes before I had to leave. I did 15 minutes on CW and 15 minutes on SSB, ending up with 43 CW contacts and 44 SSB contacts in the first 30 minutes. I hated to leave! When I got back two and one-half hours later I had a 135 hour and a 77 hour. In addition to working a bunch of California stations, skip was very short and I worked 59 Texas stations (only one local) and 47 Missouri stations. It was great fun while the good conditions lasted. Only worked one New England station, no W2's and no one in the Pacific Northwest." - N5DO

"This was a fun contest. I hope by next year's ARRL 10 Meter Contest I'll have my rotator fixed. My Force 12 C3 at 70' was fixed on ENE throughout the contest. Thank goodness I also have a Cushcraft A3 hard-mounted to the tower at 40' pointing NW for the west coast... although they never did show in any great numbers." - KG5U

"I enjoy this contest because of the high rates that are sometimes possible. Friday night was great - 103 QSOs in my first 35 minutes. That is probably the best I've ever done on CW from the US. Some nice rates in my two short stints Saturday, too. I did not get on Sunday until late afternoon and things were SLOW. The few South Americans I heard were all weak and only a handful of USA stations - mostly locals." - N5AW

"I really didn't expect to have any time to play, but 10 meters is just irresistible, especially when there's any kind of propagation. I put in a very limited effort Friday night (spectacular) and for a little while Saturday evening, but didn't turn the radio on at all on Sunday - lots of fun nonetheless." - W5ZL

"I never heard a 1- or 2-land call. Rare DX was 6-land. Ten meters has to be better next year." - AA5VU

"I started off by running QRP by accident on Friday evening, and was making QSOs so easily, I just decided to play as QRP in this one. Then the band fell apart on Saturday and never seemed to come back (at least when I was on). I was severely tempted to go to 100 watts, bue stuck it out with 5 watts and missed a number of folks. I can't wait for the sunspots to take off again - Friday evening was a tantalizing reminder of how it might sound when we turn the corner." - AC5AA

"I got on for a bit Saturday afternoon and evening. The band finally opened nicely and I had a good SSB run with the short term "Rate-O-Meter" hitting over 270 at one point." - NA4M

"Some terrific E-Skip conditions, some dead band drudgery. Lots of narrow spot light propagation. I worked nothing further NE than NY/NJ while I was on, and propagation was very limited to the NW. Lots of really short skip." - N3BB

"All my operation was from the car while driving to and from errands and a holiday party. The hard part was logging. I tried to memorize the call and the exchange and then write it down while stopped at the next traffic light. Next time I will follow the advice from K5NA and use a tape recorder." - K5DU

"I finally got the rotator, mast, and antenna functioning at my QTH in Kerr County, and for the first time in nine years was able to operate my station (NOT attic antennas!) in a contest. It felt good. I had just one antenna up and a sweep tube amp, and I also had to quit at noon on Sunday to go back to Houston to leave for work early Monday. But I had a ball!" - NA5TR


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