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Contest Score Rumors

2006 IARU HF World Championship

Call    Station  Op      Category   CW QSOs  SSB QSOs   HQs   Zones      Score
W5GAI   W5GAI    W5GAI    SOLP CW      631                 157         323,577
AC5AA   AC5AA    AC5AA    SOLP CW      155                  34          32,430
W5KFT   W5KFT    K5PI     SOHP CW     2068                 210       1,347,360
W5VX    W5VX     W5VX     SOHP CW      848              79     65      398,448
W5ZL    N5AW     W5ZL     SOLP MIX     923      481        172         693,504
N5AW/0  N5AW/0   N5AW     SOLP MIX     406       11     33     56      107,245
NA4M    NA4M     NA4M     SOHP MIX     157      312        101         137,904
K5TR    K5TR     WM5R     SOHP SSB             2197     80     93    1,103,048
K5NA    K5NA     many     M/S         1288     1310        258       2,023,236
K5NZ    K5NZ     many     M/S         1299     1070        250       1,853,500
NX5M    NX5M     many     M/S         1258      975        240       1,600,560
N3BB    N3BB     many     M/S         1504      505        235       1,440,785

(K5NA ops: K5NA, N5ZC)
(K5NZ ops: K5MR, W5WW, K5GA, K5NZ)
(NX5M ops: N5DUW, KU5B, AD5Q, NX5M)
(N3BB ops: N3BB, N9NB)

"Very nice conditions on the high bands for this point in the cycle. Ten meters didn't sound open when I'd spin the dial across it, but I'd drop a few CQs and a mob would answer!" - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"Rich is a pretty good CW operator and can hold his own pulling out calls in a pileup. But I hate doing SSB in contests, so we agreed to split up the duties. I would do all the CW action and he would be the phone guy for the weekend. This actually worked out pretty well and brought a nice balance to our final results. When one of us would work down a band, the other guy on the other mode would take it and operate for a while. We both stayed in our chairs for the entire 24 hours and stayed focused on the contest. This is one of my most successful multi-ops in the IARU, and I used to do a lot of them when I lived in New York." - K5NA

"I no longer have the stamina to do 48-hour marathons, so the IARU is my kind of contest (I kept telling myself that in the last two hours Sunday morning). With its simple exchange and everybody-talks-to-everybody rules, it's a good one for casual contesters and non-contesters to get their feet wet and hopefully catch the bug." - W5ZL

"Ted N9NB, joined me for this one, his first serious contest in thirty years. We had a good time. We worked hard, the equipment all worked well, local weather was good, line noise low, and the conditions seemed pretty good. All in all, some wonderful scores, and another very exciting IARU contest." - N3BB

"This year I made about half of last years QSOs. I had no problem with the operating, but my 'stick to it' wasn't there. I usually have big hours on 40 meters from 3 AM until 6 AM. But this year I was asleep." - W5VX

"We had 40 meter station computer problem 10 minutes in at the start, which forced a move to 20 meters right in the middle of a fantastic JA run on CW. We should have chased multipliers a little more often. The wrong band selection for multipliers at times hurt, especially on 80 meters. We missed multipliers and QSOs on 160 meters because a grand total of only 11 minutes was spent on that band." - NX5M

"This year, the QRN and band conditions leading up to the contest steered me to a low power entry instead of QRP. I didn't think my ears could stand the noise while trying to break through the madhouse." - W5GAI

"I like mixed mode in this contest as it keeps my interest up. I can change modes when I become tired or bored with one mode or the other. I worked a number of the WRTC stations on the higher bands, but I don't recall any of them being particularly loud." - NA4M

"I ended up operating a lot more than I thought I would from cool Colorado. I put in about 10 hours of operating time. A pleasant surprise was working 31 of the PT5/PW5 gang on 40 meters on Sunday morning." - N5AW/0

"I had very limited time, but I enjoyed what time I had on the air. Lots of noise made working low power into wires and a vertical painful. I could hear a lot better than I could work them." - AC5AA

"This was by far the best score I've ever made in this contest. I had maybe a half dozen inquiries, mostly in the first hour of the contest, from people confused about hearing the K5TR call sign in the contest." - WM5R (@ K5TR)


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