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Contest Score Rumors

2006 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX CW Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP        1243     153     433    1,976,578
AD5VJ   AD5VJ   AD5VJ   SOAB LP         463     105     223      345,056
W5GAI   W5GAI   W5GAI   SOAB LP         253     158      83      143,877
K2UR    K2UR    K2UR    SOAB LP         195      33     110       77,792
AC5AA   AC5AA   AC5AA   SOAB LP         107      48      87       39,420
NO5W    NO5W    NO5W    SOAB LP        ~150       -       -            -
WX0B    WX0B    AD5Q    SOAB HP        2077     152     418    3,117,330
K5YA    K5YA    K5YA    SOAB HP A      2308     152     494    4,104,684
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOAB HP A      1228     185     625    2,687,580
AB5K    AB5K    AB5K    SOAB HP A       924     124     345    1,188,915
W5IBM   W5IBM   WS4G    SOAB HP A       587     137      68      120,335
N3BB    N3BB    N3BB    SOAB HP A       230      47      87       85,224
NZ5A    NZ5A    NZ5A    SOSB QP 40       64      17      41        9,918
NA4M    NA4M    NA4M    SOSB HP 80 A     64      20      38       10,382
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    SOSB HP 160 A   126      21      60       23,895
W5VX    W5VX    many    M/S HP         1406     155     487    2,321,472
ZF1A    ZF1A    many    M/2 HP         9084     170     582   16,575,584

W5VX ops:  W5VX, K5TSQ
ZF1A ops:  K6AM, K6ZH, N5DO, K5PI

"Well, I hve never scored so well in a contest. I had to work JAs mainly on my straight key due to poor propagation. Not bad for an old Icom IC-775 (barefoot), GAP Titan vertical, a Double Bazooka wire antenna for 80 meters, and a "T" vertical for 160 meters. The highest antenna is 40 feet at the apex. I think the most exciting part was when I got Turkey on 160 meters. My kids thought I had hurt myself and came running to see if they could help me when I yelled out when it happened. Then when I told them what happened, they just stared at me and said: 'Great Dad, great.' (You had to be there, it was hilarious!) This was awesome - a contest I wont forget for a long while." - AD5VJ

"This was lots of fun for us old folks. I'm sure there will be lots of stations that did better than us, but this is what we accomplished and it's not bad for two element antennas on 40 meters, 20 meters, and 15 meters; four elements on 10 meters; and wire antennas for 80 meters and 160 meters. The multipliers were good this year, but the volume was down. 15 meter JAs didn't let me down the last hour!" - W5VX

"Excellent conditions for sunspot minimum! There were low noise levels on the low bands compared to last year. This year was far and away my best 160 meter totals ever (I even worked two new countries). I probably spent too much time there score-wise, but it was fun. 10 meters and 15 meters were better than last year. From my perspective, conditions on 80/40/20 were not quite up to 2005, but still good. I've still never worked all 40 zones in this contest - I missed zone 22 this year. I heard 8Q7DV on 40 meters but unable to work them. I missed the normally easy zones 17 and 18 on 20 meters, but got both on 40 meters." - N5AW

"We had our three adult children in for the Thanksgiving week/weekend with their spouses and our grandkids, so any meaningful CQWW was not possible, as usual. I did get on briefly Sunday after everyone had left. 15 meters was pretty good, and of course I was a fresh call sign. The band was pretty good to Europe. Congratulations to the great efforts." - N3BB

"I had plans on Saturday, so figured I'd hang out on 160 meters on Saturday night and go in and out of the shack from time to time to work some DX. I ended up spending the whole night in the shack with a few exceptions (supper time, snack time, TV time). About 0730 UTC, I decided to just sleep in the shack and if I were to wake up early enough, I might get to work a few JAs, VKs and ZLs. Well, I did wake up at exactly 1000 UTC, but not much was going on. Noticed I missed a UA0 while I was asleep, but I might not have heard him anyway. Right at our sunrise, the JAs got loud, but when they started to fade, they faded fast." - NX5M

"I operated 'search and pounce' for seven hours. I had many other things scheduled this weekend, as always. I tried all the bands when I heard signals on them. 10 meters was a real bust. 40 meters was good. Conditions were not so good, and long distance QSOs were noticeably lacking, especially to west. Not one JA or UA made it into the log, and I only worked KH6 and ZL in the Pacific. I had fun working 5A7A on the first call on 80/40/20 simplex when I had spent considerable time before the contest calling them in split pileups. Go figure!" - W5GAI

"I had problems with the 80 meter rotatable dipole, so my 80 meter contacts were way down. The 20 meter OWA yagi played well. I had a great 40 meter long path opening on Saturday morning. I worked XU7MWA and several stations in Europe as far away as OH and OH0." - AB5K

"I was going try to do a limited-effort SOSB(A)/15 HP. But when I got on 15 meters Friday night expecting to work some JAs and Pacific stations, I was greeted by a dead band and elevated A and K indices. So, I gave up on that idea and just decided to play around on 80 meters Saturday night and Sunday morning after getting some Christmas shopping done on Saturday." - NA4M

"As usual, I only prowled around for new band-countries. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday night, mostly on 160 meters. The band seemed pretty quiet, but signals weren't really loud. I did manage to work 14 countries, mostly in Europe and the Caribbean. I am happy that I picked up four new ones to push me past the half-DXCC point, at 51 total, on 160 meters with my micro vertical (only 12 feet high). I also got one new one on 80 meters, but I didn't hear anything new on the upper bands. I hope conditions are good for the ARRL 160 Meter Contest next weekend." - W5JAW

"Thanks to K6AM for hosting three first-time ZF1A ops. Everything went smooth except that we lost the 80 meter antenna in the wee hours Sunday morning. We had a very nice little 10 meter opening on Sunday. Thanks to all for the FB pileups." - K5PI (@ ZF1A)

"I first started out doing a single band on 20 meters, so I took down all but the 20 meter dipole (indoors by the way). I took a listen on 15 meters and heard sigs from all over, so I put back up the 15 meter antenna (also indoors). I searched and pounced while watching college football on Saturday and NFL games on Sunday. I guess I was on most of the time from sunrise to sunset." - K2UR

"I used my Elecraft K2 at five watts output and three antennas: a 4BTV ground-mounted vertical, an inverted V at 28', and a 90' random wire in a tree with the highest point at 35'. It is always a pleasure to work really good operators who can both transmit and listen with equal expertise and who hang with a weak signal. Points are not my joyful meanderings anymore in contesting. Rather, it is working really good operators and thinking of and admiring the intelligence and drive and discipline they must have exercised to get there." - NZ5A

"Not much of a score, but I had a lot of fun since I had not been on the air in over a year..." - WS4G (@ W5IBM)

"I decided to spend a weekend DXing in the CQWW CW and not really contesting. That means I operated assisted and worked as many DX countries and zones as I could. Since I wasn't going for score, there was no pressure for me to run and hold a frequency. But I did run occasionally when I got bored or there were no DX pileups to try to break. The low bands (40 meters, 80 meters, and 160 meters) were about as good as I have ever heard them from central Texas. Who would have thought that I would have worked over 100 countries on 80 meters. That really surprised me. 40 meters was the hottest band with openings world-wide. It was great fun." - K5NA

"Usually I'm gone for Thanksgiving weekend, but this time I stayed home. One would think I'd make time for the CQ World Wide DX Contest, CW, but I had too many commitments to make anything close to a serious effort (with my low wire and vertical). But, I had a couple of hours to operate, and really enjoyed it!" - AC5AA

"Conditions were so-so. The K index was high all weekend, and there were no screaming rates here on any band. Conditions on 80 meters were exceptional for CQWW. The zone 17 QSO on meters was a real surprise, and 8Q7DVC's signal was perfectly copyable. Unfortunately, he was short path - yet another gift for the east coast packet hoard. I chose to move on, and later caught him on 40 meters. My score is a personal best for this contest. I thank Jay and Sharon for the use of the station." - AD5Q (@ WX0B)

"I thought conditions were excellent, allowing me to work a lot of Europeans and quite a few Japanese and a few new ones for me without too much struggle for me or the DX operator." - NO5W

"I noodled around in CQ World Wide CW, worked half a dozen new countries on 80 meters (including the Libya and Mali expeditions), and got out on 160 meters to HC8N and a few other nearby things. 160 meters was very noisy, and I'm not sure how much of it was local. There was no way I could hear most of the stuff being spotted." - AA5BT (@ N5XU)


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