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Contest Score Rumors

2006 CTDXCC Sweepstakes Phone Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
KG5U    KG5U    KG5U    SOQP       49     30       2,940
K3TD    K3TD    K3TD    SOLP      266     72      38,304
WR1TX   WR1TX   WR1TX   SOLP       70     40       5,600
W5KFT   WM5R    W5KFT   SOHP     1802     80     288,320
K5NA    K5OT    N5AA    SOHP     1682     80     269,120
W5ASP   W5ASP   W5ASP   SOHP      838     80     132,800
W5RQ    W5RQ    W5RQ    SOHP      626     80     100,160
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOHP      468     73      68,328
W5YAA   W5YAA   W5YAA   SOHP      228     64      29,184
KU5B    KU5B    KU5B    SRC       250     80      40,000

"After some of my early waffling, I took Richard up on his offer to let me come over and operate during the Phone Sweepstakes. I don't have much SO2R experience on phone... and I still fumble with antenna selection alternatives at K5NA, but somehow I managed to wind up with a personal best." - K5OT (N5AA @ K5NA)

"This weekend was a check-out of my new multi-band Inverted L antenna (35' high by 65' long). It is great to be back on the air, even with a compromise antenna!" - K3TD

"This was a personal best score for me in this contest. It was by far my best Sunday effort ever. I got behind my running QSO totals from 2005 right from the start on Saturday, and spent all day Sunday catching up and then surpassing my score from last year." - WM5R (@ W5KFT)

"Antennas problems dominated my limited time on the air, and it didn't help that due to propagation everyone was on 20 meters, 40 meters, and 80 meters the whole time. My loop antennas were not resonant for some reason, and I could not figure out why; a 4:1 SWR reading is never good, of course, and I wasn't going on the roof of my house at night! After fighting long enough, I got the SWR down to about 1.7:1 where I could make contacts. The antenna issues worsened on Sunday, and I never could straighten them out; I finally had to concede to Murphy for this year! All things considered, I really didn't do too bad with all the limitations. I'm used to doing much better; maybe 2007 will improve things for me." - WR1TX

"A fun contest. The Alabama vs. Auburn game was on Saturday, so I could only operate on Sunday! I'll be back next year to try and beat this!" - KU5B

"I played around trying to justify the existence in the shack of, and to learn how to use, a Heil boom microphone headset. 40 meters on Sunday evening was good for ten QSOs. S9+20 signals seemed to be deaf to my calls, whereas five to seven signals from the midwest (MN, WI, IL) seemed to hear me with no or few requests for repeats. While 49 QSOs is not a good sampling, I did use 'South Texas' in my initial exchange report, switching to 'Sierra Tango X-ray' when answering a fill request. That seemed to work." - KG5U

"The SSB Sweepstakes weekend was another conflict between football and contesting. One of my best friends here in Georgetown is an Ohio State graduate, and a close Houston friend went to Michigan -- and being a Northwestern grad myself, Saturday's Sweepstakes start was delayed quite a bit while Big 10 biggies OSU and Michigan battled it out. Then Sunday, of all weekends to televise a Bears game, they took on the Jets right at mid-day -- when 20 meters was running very well (I'm also a Chicago native and dyed-in-the-wool Cubs and Bears fan). This time, Jay, VY1JA, was copyable Sunday morning, but the whole continent was calling him, and he wasn't exactly knocking them off too rapidly. So, I went about CQing and VY1YT answered for that rare mult. In my opinion, 15 meters wasn't at all good this year; it used to be good for about two to three hours at the start. 20 meters was kinda squirrely at times, and "sloper" wire antennas don't help you hold a frequency for CQing. Too bad we didn't have those extended SSB subbands for Sweepstakes; it sure would have spread everyone out on 75 meters." - W5RQ

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