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Contest Score Rumors

2006 CTDXCC Sweepstakes CW Operations

Station  Op    Call   Category   QSOs    Mults   Score
KG5U    KG5U    KG5U    SOQP      646     79     101,594
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOQP      223     68      30,192
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOLP     1095     80     175,200
K5OT    K5OT    K5OT    SOLP      509     80      81,440
K5OT/M  K5OT    KT5J    SOLP      260     68      35,360
N3BB    N3BB    N3BB    SOHP     1411     80     225,760
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOHP     1406     80     224,960
W5KFT   K5PI    W5KFT   SOHP     1344     80     215,040
W5RQ    W5RQ    W5RQ    SOHP      805     80     128,000
W5VX    W5VX    W5VX    SOHP      423     79      66,834
KE5C    KE5C    KE5C    SOHP      300     69      41,400
K5YA    K5YA    K5YA    SO/U     1237     80     197,920
KU5B    KU5B    KU5B    SRC       316     80      50,560

"Wow! Conditions were really good and there seemed to be a lot of stations to work this year. But maybe my station improvements are finally starting to pay off with better scores. This year was a personal all-time best for me in Sweepstakes CW. I had been improving my QSO totals slowly the past few years with 1261, 1265, and 1275 QSOs. When I hit 1300 QSOs this year, I was really surprised. And then getting to 1400 QSOs was a really unexpected thrill." - K5NA

"I don't know what more I can do before a contest than I did for this one. This had to be the craziest and most problem-ridden contest I've been in. I've been way, way less prepared for a contest and done better." - KG5U

"My first sweep!! There are great operators in this contest; it was very enjoyable to work y'all. I couldn't get the CW interface to work, so I hand keyed this contest. Sorry to y'all that had no clue what I was sending." - KU5B

"This was a personal best for me, by 100 QSOs, and a lot of fun. I stuck really close to 20 meters and 40 meters. It sounded to me like 15 meters was long all weekend with mostly W1, W2, and W6, so I didn't really try running there at all. I went to 40 meters pretty early on Saturday (2330 UTC) and even earlier on Sunday (2215 UTC). I only took a couple of hours off to sleep (0900-1100 UTC), then half hours at 1305 UTC, 1750 UTC, 2003 UTC, 2249 UTC, and 0020 UTC. I intended to fit in another half hour and take off the last 30 minutes of the contest (because I had to drive home), but I lost track of time and ended up having to take the last hour off." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"A few conflicting priorities over the weekend got in the way of a full-time effort. I worked the first part of the contest from home - and thought that was going to be all for this year. Instead, I threw my laptop in the truck on Sunday afternoon and parked on a quiet Ranch Road near my son's home in northern Burnet County. I had a blast being 'fresh meat' on Sunday while listening to the numbers escalate for the big dogs." - K5OT

"My first serious Sweepstakes in many a year." - N5AW

"My addiction to watching college football on Saturdays really made my promise to myself to hit the Sweepstakes hard a conflicted matter. Fortunately the good guys (Virginia Tech Hokies) beat the bad guys (Miami Hurricanes), but I missed it all. Saturday was miserable for me as I sat there all the way through Saturday night. Sunday was better from a state-of-mind standpoint, even with the Saturday afternoon rate doldrums. Conditions were better this year thanks to a few well placed and timed sunspots." - N3BB

"I couldn't put in a full effort. I had to be gone three different times for about 12 hours total, so I just put in five hours on the air and called it a day. I missed the DE multiplier, even though I looked high and low. Conditions seemed pretty good, and the rate stayed OK during the time I was on. I believe that I had the highest one hour rate I have ever had during the Sweepstakes." - W5VX

"I used a borrowed Kenwood TS-570S and operated casually out of necessity. After a while, I opened up the radio to verify that a CW filter was indeed present. (Give me a Kenwood TS-850 instead, any day - or better, give me two.) Due to RFI problems, several of which I did solve during the contest, and a blown FET in my amplifier, my power output was only 500 watts to a HyGain Explorer-14 at 45 feet and a 120 foot long inverted doublet center-fed with twin lead for 40 meters and 80 meters." - KE5C

"The CW Sweepstakes weekend got off to a weak start due to Texas A&M's Saturday evening game with Oklahoma; with two Aggie graduates in the family, there's no way I was gonna miss that one. I also almost fell out of the chair when W8IVF/VE8 answered a CQ for YT, and would you believe my LAST section was North Texas -- with W6LFB operating QRP of all things!" - W5RQ

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