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Contest Score Rumors

2006 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Call     Op       Station   Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
N5AW     N5AW     N5AW      SOAB LP          1483    369  1,641,681
W0UN     W0UN     W0UN      SOAB LP            57     43      7,353
W5KFT    K5PI     W5KFT     SOAB HP          1658    330  1,600,830
NU5D     KE5C     NU5D      SOAB HP            92     60     16,200    
K5YA     K5YA     K5YA      SOAB HP A        1368    347  1,422,006
K5NZ     K5NZ     K5NZ      SOAB HP A         563    312    526,968
NA4M     NA4M     NA4M      SOAB HP A         201    112     67,536
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA      SOSB HP 160       145     59     25,665

W5KFT ops: K5OT, K5PI

"Local interest seemed to be down for this contest, and I decided not to beat myself up again with another 48 hours in the operating chair. So I decided to take a break and do a single-band 160 meter effort and try to beat the existing W5 record, established by K5UR in 1985 with 19,902 points. Overall, the results made me happy. If the log checking holds up, I will have the new W5 record." - K5NA

"Like it or not, in this contest getting into the top ten on low power CW is all about running. With no Europeans or Japanese on 10 meters, and precious few on 15 meters, that is a real challenge from Texas. However, my new 40 meter Yagi paid off. I was able to run a few Europeans on 40 meters - a first for me! JA runs on 40 meters just aren't what they used to be though. I had some nice European runs on 20 meters on Sunday. 15 meters was a disappointment, though, with no real European runs, and only a dribble of JAs." - N5AW

"My general opinion is that (1) this QTH will be good, and (2) that Texas is better than Colorado for propagation! My original goal was to work all continents, and I did that fairly quickly...." - W0UN

"I worked my first JA ever on 160 meters, but I couldn't log him because he was DXing and didn't understand the exchange info. Argh! The cows trampled the beverage feedpoint, and my automatic antenna switching wasn't working but I persevered." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)

"As usual, 40 meters was my best band. I think 40 meters would have produced 850 QSOs, if I had operated the second night. 20 meters and 15 meters were not as good as during the CQ World Wide DX Contest, CW. I broke 100 QSOs per hour only once, at 1300 UTC, with QSOs on both bands." - K5YA

"NU5D is a new callsign to DX contesting. Steve is putting together a station in central Texas near Gatesville in Coryell County. This was a shakedown test of some low band antennas and a chance to see if everything could work together." - KE5C (@ NU5D)

"It rained all weekend, so I was able to make myself sit for at least ten hours. Conditions sounded good - I hope everyone had fun." - K5NZ

"The plan was to do a 'semi-serious' 80 meter single band effort, but lower back pain prevented that. Even with changing chairs, various cushions, and repositioning the rig, my back was screaming for rest after the first three hours. I did have fun and worked about a dozen additional countries. The CW was fun, so I added a few points from 20 meters and 15 meters on Saturday, but didn't have time to operate any further." - NA4M


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