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Contest Score Rumors

2006 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category    QSOs   Mults     Score
KG5U     KG5U     KG5U    SO QP CW     276     54     58,752
AD5A     AD5A     AD5A    SO LP CW     302     63     76,104
K2UR     K2UR     K2UR    SO LP CW     208     26      5,408
AC5AA    AC5AA    AC5AA   SO LP CW      52     22      4,576
N5ZK     N5ZK     W5ASP   SO HP CW     216     56     48,608 
W5VX     W5VX     W5VX    SO HP CW     762     84    247,632
K5NA     K5NA     K5NA    SO HP CW    1011     87    351,828
AD5VJ    AD5VJ    AD5VJ   SO LP MIX    115     44     13,728
AA5VU    AA5VU    AA5VU   SO LP MIX    162     36      5,832
N5KF     N5KF     N5KF    SO LP MIX    156     20      3,120
K5NZ     K5NZ     K5NZ    SO HP MIX    758    123    284,868
NA4M     NA4M     NA4M    SO HP MIX    112     49     14,406
K3TD     K3TD     K3TD    SO LP SSB    113     35      7,910
W5DMB    W5DMB    W5DMB   SO LP SSB     95     38      7,220
KA5EYH   KA5EYH   KA5EYH  SO LP SSB     38     24      1,824
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO HP SSB   1177     87    204,798
NX5M     NX5M     many    MS          1465    172    763,680
W5YAA    W5YAA    many    MS           663    130    276,120
N3BB     N3BB     N3BB    MS            96     34     13,056

NX5M ops:  NX5M, N5XJ, K5PI, AB5K, NA5TR, KA5BKG
W5YAA ops: W5YAA, K5YA

"Very interesting conditions. Very interesting, indeed. I made 50 fewer QSOs on Friday night then I made over the next two days of operating. My new AlfaSpid rotator got a real workout trying to keep up with the propagation changes. The six positioning buttons on the 'mouse' really helped a lot." - KG5U

"Very odd conditions. I figured that I would operate for a while, get tired and quit. The band opened up for the first three hours of the contest and I worked 300+ QSOs (more than I figured I would get for the whole contest). The only other actual opening was on Sunday after lunch for an hour (another 100 QSOs). The rest of the contest was hunt and peck and CQ. I had a couple of unusual happenings: a ZL station called long path in the morning on Saturday; 5H3, CU, and CT all called in within about ten minutes of each other on Saturday morning; and finally, JA and A35 called in about 4:00 p.m. local time on Sunday afternoon. I'm not sure if you'd call this fun, since it seemed a lot like work, but I'd do it again." - W5VX

"I had little time to operate with my family and holiday activities. Outside of some good Eskip on Friday night, propagation seemed pretty poor during the times I was on." - NA4M

" This was the 10th consecutive year to do the ARRL 10 Meter Contest in the multi-op category. Each year there are some old faces along with some new ones. This year was no different, as K5PI stepped in after two other regular operators were not going to make it this year.....one had a change of plans, so he never made it, and the other simply never showed up. The only regular with me this year was N5XJ, who has operated every 10 Meter Contest with me going back to 1997 (from the new location).....even more if the late '80s and early '90s are counted. This was the toughest 10 Meter Contest in 10 years!" - NX5M

"I haven't operated a contest in a few years. I only intended to get on Saturday for a few QSOs. However, it was a dreary weekend in South Texas, so I played a little longer than I had intended. I didn't start until 1715 UTC on Saturday, so I missed some of the earlier openings." -AD5A

"I used a Kenwood TS-2000 barefoot to a homemade 10 meter Moxon up 35 feet." - W5DMB

"Wow, propagation was all over the place. And, boy, has my neighborhood gotten noisey on 10 meters. Unfortunately, I only had an hour or so of operating, spread across both days. Several times during the contest, I got on and the only signal on the band was K5NA calling CQ (while reading a book). Go get 'em Richard! Can't wait for propagation to return!" - AC5AA

"This year the contest was exceptionally interesting as propagation was very interesting with all of the solar flares. The band went all the way from silent band to New Zealand, which was the highlight of the contest for me here." - AD5VJ

"I have never had as good a start to the ARRL 10 Meter Contest as I had this year. The Eskip was great right from the start. By 0016 UTC, I had TR Log's rate meter at 276 QSOs/hour! The 181 QSO first hour was the best first hour I've ever had in this contest. By the time the band really closed on Friday night, I had over 550 QSOs in the log, by far the most I've ever had after the first night of the contest. Saturday and Sunday, unfortunately, were quite different. There was Eskip both days, but nothing like what I got on Friday night." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"I gave up early as the 10 meter band was not that good. I did manage to work one new (to me) country on phone with my QSO with 3XM6JR." - AA5VU

"I dabbled in the contest with my low power indoor array. A few years ago, I even won a certificate in this one with this setup, but alas ole Sol is letting us down. Usually, the southern states are duck soup from here, but this year I only worked one W5, and he was in New Mexico. No Florida, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, etc. I think all the propagation was of the other than ionospheric varieties like in a VHF contest! The Caribbean and South America where good at times." - K2UR

"Nice to be back on 10 meters, and to see some Eskip too! Next time I'll have to get the voice keyer going before the contest starts!" - K3TD

"This contest started off with some great openings on Friday evening. I had a 130 QSO first hour and a 90 QSO second hour. The QSOs were rolling in. By midnight, I had about 400 QSOs, which was 300 ahead of what I had done the year before. After midnight, I thought I should stop for the night because I was getting very tired and because I planned to get up an hour before sunrise. But the band was still open, though I was only doing about 20 QSOs per hour at that time. I went on to bed, not realizing that on Saturday there would be times that I would have wanted a 20 QSO per hour rate back again. But the contest was fun anyway, and I managed to read all of Larry McMurtry's newest novel, Telegraph Days, on Saturday." - K5NA

"I missed the Friday night Eskip event. Saturday was a hum-drum affair, and Sunday was hum-drum, minus 20 dB." - N3BB


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