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Contest Score Rumors

2005 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, Phone

Call    Station  Ops     Category     QSOs   Mults     Score
KI5DR   K5NA     KI5DR   SOAB HP      2367    766   3,260,096
NX5M    NX5M     NX5M    SOAB HP A    1077    518   1,046,878
K5NZ    K5NZ     K5NZ    SOAB HP A     596    400     500,800
W5GAI   W5GAI    W5GAI   SOAB LP       462      ?     345,186
K5WWT   K5WWT    K5WWT   SOAB LP       218    153      70,686
KK5MI   KK5MI    KK5MI   SOAB LP       140    114      30,096
WM5R    WM5R     WM5R    SOAB LP TS     92     76      13,224
NU5F    K5YA     many    M/S  HP      1272    602   1,542,926
NN5AA   K5NA     many    M/2  HP       246    191     102,185

NU5F ops:  K5YA, W5YAA
NN5AA ops: K5DU, K5NA

"All my QSOs were S&P contacts, and I had a really fun time. One new one I worked was UA0AZA on 20 meters." - K5WWT

"There was quite a bit of thunderstorm activity Friday night and Saturday that caused us to unplug four times and wait it out (better safe than fried). I had a pipeline to South America on 10 meters, but nowhere else (I worked some stateside on backscatter!) I made some 160 meter QSOs this year which I've skipped in this contest in previous years." - KI5DR (@ K5NA)

"I think WPX SSB should be held so that it does not conflict with Easter weekend. Sometimes it would be in March and other times it would be in April. Due to this conflict, I had little time to really operate. Band conditions sounded pretty good, with the exception of thunderstorm noise the first night." - NX5M

"I wish I had planned something for this contest as I found conditions pretty darn good while I was on. I just put in a few hours to help the club score, since my race plans for weekend were rained out." - K5NZ

"40 meters was a bust, as the Friday night wind, rain, and hail took out my inverted vee antenna. I was lucky - the hail was nickel size, heavy, blowing horizontally, and fierce. The wind blew over the chimney of a neighbor across the street, and took shingles off all up and down the street across from me." - W5GAI

"Because of Easter weekend and other scheduled activities, I only operated about three hours on Saturday and maybe two hours on Sunday. I wish I had had more time to work this one." - KK5MI

"The antenna system I have at home leaves something to be desired. In theory, it is a 40 meter dipole and a 20 meter dipole sharing a common feedpoint just a little above my roof (maybe 25' - 30' above ground) but in practice the antenna is only vaguely resonant (5:1 SWR) on 40 meters, not resonant at all on 20 meters, and requires the rig's autotuner on all the bands I use it on. I keep thinking I should work on it, but I never do." - WM5R


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