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Contest Score Rumors

2005 CTDXCC CQ World Wide DX Phone Operations

Call  Station   Op(s)   Category       QSOs    Zones   Countries   Score
N5AW    N5AW    N5AW    SOAB LP        1023     110     315    1,173,850
W5GAI   W5GAI   W5GAI   SOAB LP         429       ?       ?      296,472
N5IET   N5IET   N5IET   SOAB LP A       155      47      85       46,860
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOAB HP A       459      51     146      239,355
K5YA    K5YA    many    M/S HP         1293     113     368    1,658,007
V31MD   V31MD   many    M/2 HP         3654     101     289    3,085,290
K5NA    K5NA    many    M/M HP         3248     154     506    4,862,220

K5YA ops:  K5YA, W5YAA
V31MD ops: V31MD, AB5K, W5ZL, AA4SW, WO0Z
K5NA ops:  K5NA, K5DU, KG5U, K2UR, NA5TT, KI5DR, W5AJ, N5ZC, WA4PGM, NX5M)

"I played around with new 15 meter antenna. Conditions sure sounded good on 15 meters for the bottom of the cycle! When I have a 135 hour on 15 meters to Europe and the solar flux is 78, something strange is going on!!" - K5NZ

"I was down 90 multipliers from last year, which can all be attributed to 10 meters. These were my highest QSO totals ever in this contest on every band except 10 meters, but they were still the lowest total number of contacts since moving to my new QTH in 2000. The conditions on the low bands were disappointing despite low static levels." - N5AW

"Propagation from Belize was a little surprising. 20 meters seemed to largely die with the sunset (around 6 PM local), and 15 meters didn't tend to wake up until nearly noon. 10 meters was virtually non-existent until Sunday, when we had a pretty good pipeline to South America (lots of LUs) and a handful of other Caribbean stations, but not to the US or Europe (or anywhere else, for that matter). 40 meters was decent, but again we had a lot of trouble holding a run frequency in the DX band with 100 watts and a vertical, and our runs were modest aside from a spectacular early Sunday morning opening to Japan. 160 meters was excellent both nights to the states, and by the second night it was hard to find anyone we hadn't worked. 80 meters was just plain tough sledding. The receiver in the SDR lived up to its press clippings in the very crowded bands of this contest." - W5ZL (@ V31MD)

"A great contest! I had loads of fun, and again thanks to the team at N1MM for a great application for logging and scoring, it makes it so much easier to finish." - N5IET

"This was our second try at M/M in the CQWW since moving back to Texas in 1995. Conditions on the 160, 80, and 40 meters seemed terrific and better than normal, 20 and 15 meters was about normal, and 10 meters was way, way down." - K5NA

"A fun contest with the time I had available." - W5GAI


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