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Contest Score Rumors

2005 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, Phone

Call      Station   Op      Category      QSOs   Mults     Score
W5ZL      W5ZL      W5ZL    SOAB LP        440    206    271,920
KK5MI     KK5MI     KK5MI   SOAB LP        232    153    106,488
K5TR      K5TR      WM5R    SOSB HP 15    1405    121    495,495
N5AW      N5AW      N5AW    SOSB LP 15     579    104    180,648
K5NA      K5NA      many    M/S  HP       1831    429  2,343,627
K5YA      K5YA      many    M/S  HP       1055    328  1,038,120
N9NB/5    N3BB      many    M/S  HP        147     22      9,636
W5KFT     W5KFT     many    M/2  HP       1710    393  1,955,961

K5NA ops:   K5NA, K5DU, K2UR, N5ZC, KI5DR
K5YA ops:   K5YA, W5YAA
N9NB/5 ops: N3BB, N9NB

"George invited me out to his station again to do a single operator effort. I had spent the previous week travelling on business, and returned to Austin late Thursday night very tired. I decided to focus on a single band effort rather than push myself beyond my limits. 15 meters seemed like the most promising band, and it turned out to be a really fun weekend! I thought the conditions were great for this point in the solar cycle." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"This was Sharon's third contest, and the first time ever she had tried working DX, except for a few South American stations in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. She ended up making 30-40% of the QSOs. It was much harder than she thought it would be, compared to doing the ARRL November Sweepstakes, Phone, at K5NA, which we kept pretty low key. Our goal was to make 1000 QSOs, which we finally did. I'm pleased with the final score, considering the 31 hours we operated." - K5YA

"We had a small crew and worked hard. The team of K5NA, K5DU, K2UR, N5ZC, and KI5DR has been together now for about four years, and we interact and work well together. We have found it is better to run lean with operators and work harder - that way, no one gets bored and the weekend doesn't turn into a social event. 15 meters was a great band for us, while 20 meters was a nightmare. On 15 meters, it was nice to get callers that said we were the loudest signal on the band. We seemed to have a pipeline into Europe." - K5NA

"I was planning to do my usual all band low power effort, but a few days before the contest I came down with the flu - 102.8 fever, etc. Though by Friday I was beginning to recover, I decided it wasn't worth pushing it with an SOAB marathon and getting a relapse. I opted for a single band 15 meter entry and a decent night's sleep. It was nice getting the rest, but single band is not my cup of tea - it gets just plain boring, especially with low power." - N5AW

"We had a great time with this open house operation, and are looking forward having these ops out again." - KI5DR (@ W5KFT)

"Well, this was a VERY part time effort. I operated a little on Friday night until 20 meters died. I tried the dipole on 40 meters, but couldn't be heard. I operated some on Saturday morning and a little on Saturday afternoon. I was a little surprised and delighted to break several heavy pileups on Sunday afternoon with my measly 100 watts. I guess the Force 12 antenna is still working." - KK5MI

"Ted N9NB came over and we had a two and a half hour blast in the ARRL SSB DX contest. Ted got a rip-roaring opportunity to run JAs and associated Asians, and since we were fresh meat it was fun and wide open. He was excited, and will be back for more, I am sure." - N3BB

"This was almost a mirror image of my effort in the ARRL DX CW contest last February, where I had 463 QSOs and 229 multipliers in almost exactly the same amount of operating time. The relatively profound difference in multipliers is probably due to the lack of 80 meter phone capability (my antenna doesn't resonate in the phone band). Looking back at my CW results, I had 25 multipliers on 80. Just horsing around both weekends, but I had a lot of fun - even though there WAS a microphone involved this time. Once again, all QSOs were made S&P. I tried calling CQ a couple of times, but I never had a single return." - W5ZL


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