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Contest Score Rumors

2005 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Station   Op      Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
KG5U      KG5U    SOAB QP           343    161    164,703
N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP          1338    350  1,404,900
W5ZL      W5ZL    SOAB LP           463    229    315,333
N3BB      N3BB    SOAB HP          2264    358  2,426,166
K5YA      K5YA    SOAB HP A        2139    403  2,586,051
W5VX      W5VX    SOSB/40           300     81        ???
W5KFT     many    M/S  HP          2084    395  2,435,175

W5KFT ops: K5OT, K5PI

"I really wanted to be out at W5KFT playing with The Big Boys, but my recent travel schedule wasn't conducive to disappearing for a weekend, so I played a little from home. Mostly, this was about having some fun and filling in a few low band countries that I am woefully behind in accumulating. I accomplished both missions with varying success. The best part was after we got home from a dinner party Saturday night and I got on from about 12:30 AM to 4:15 AM local time. All the QSOs were S&P, although I tried CQing a couple of times with NO answers!" - W5ZL

"As expected with declining sunspots, my score is down from last year, but unexpectedly the low bands were the biggest contributors to the decline - both in QSOs and multipliers. High static levels for part of the second evening and going from a two-element yagi to a dipole on 40 meters were factors, but a noise problem that developed shortly before the contest may have been the main reason. The new SteppIR worked very well. On 15 meters, I was able to run Europe for over two hours on Sunday morning and ended up with my highest 15 meter QSO total ever. Although I'm still not able to hold a run frequency to Europe on 20 meters, I was able to run JA/Asia in the evening." - N5AW

"I worked hard, but was sort of relaxed at the start because I didn't know I would do it until Friday noon. It seemed to go OK, but not great. I am glad it is over!" - N3BB

" There are times when great contest efforts for ARRL CW are planned months in advance and seriously orchestrated for maximum performance. And there are other times when you show up, do what you can, and have a great time. This year, we were definitely in the second category. Robert had other commitments that took a portion of his contest weekend, and I have needed more rest than normal since recovering from a severe case of the flu/crud/whatever a couple of weeks ago." - K5OT (@ W5KFT)

"After a full day of unexpected extra duties caused by grandchildren and hospital trips, I wasn't in much of a mood for the contest. My plan was to see if I could do well as a 40 Meter Single Band entrant. I usually do pretty well on 40 meters. We had a lot of noise during the weekend, so I couldn't hear the weak ones nearly as well as usual. I read some other comments on the conditions during the weekend as being pretty good. It seemed to me, at least on 40 meters, this was the worst conditions from here for a contest since 2002." - W5VX


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