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Contest Score Rumors

2004 CTDXCC CQ World Wide WPX Contest, CW

Station   Op     Call   Category      QSOs   Mults    Score
N3BB      N3BB   NT5C   SOAB HP       2353    775  3,978,850
W5KFT     K5PI   WC5T   SOAB HP       1282    538  1,641,438
N5AW      N5AW   N5AW   SOAB LP        786    443    751,771
AC5AA     AC5AA  AC5AA  SOAB LP        265    196    112,308
K5NA      K5NA   NN5AA  SOSB HP 10     417    234    147,186
NX5M      NX5M   NX5M   SOSB LP 10     115     88     15,224

"I almost wore out the CQ key. In between CQs, I read about one third of G3SXW's book about his DXpeditions called Up Two. I guess I did OK for 10 meter single-band, but I have no idea who my competition was." - K5NA (NN5AA, @ K5NA)

"I was not able to put in a full time effort, but I had intended to make a semi-serious single band 15 meter entry. However, things were so slow I spent almost as much time on the other bands as I did on 15 meters. There were very few Europeans on 15 meters except the big guns. 20 meters was a little better, but the static level was high much of the time. Needless to say, 40 meters and 80 meters were very difficult, and I only made a token effort there." - N5AW

"I had some family things come up this weekend that prevented my operating full time. I worked 11 of the first 12 hours, then about 3.5 hours Saturday evening and a bit Sunday morning. Conditions seemed okay, especially on 20 meters." - K5PI (W5CT, @ W5KFT)

"It was almost impossible to run Europe on 40 meters, even with a very good 40 meter antenna here! The main problem was the extremely noisy bands to Europe from the bad storms in the USA Midwest. I could not hear the stations coming back to me on Beverages or any antennas. That killed my score with few European six-point QSOs. I could hear KW9N and the east coast guys running Europe well. For the most part, I was stuck with working the louder guys there who were CQing." - NT5C (N3BB, op. @ N3BB)

"I just played around in the contest this weekend - checking out the Ten-Tec Orion's selectivity in the packed and noisy bands. It was even more noisy than usual here, and thankfully the rig's DSP took some of it out. Very nasty stuff." - AC5AA


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