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Contest Score Rumors

2004 IARU HF World Championship

Station   Op        Category    QSOs    HQs    Zones    Score
N3BB      N3BB      SOHP CW     1844        194       1,215,216
K5YA      K5YA      SOHP CW     1703     46      94     854,840
AD5A      AD5A      SOHP CW      811     71      66     332,499
N5TW      KE5C      SOLP CW      967        129         383,517
AC5AA     AC5AA     SOLP CW      267         88          66,968
N5AW/0    N5AW      SOLP CW      227     36      50      58,050
K5IID     K5IID     SOLP CW      200         64          35,328
KG5U      KG5U      SOQP CW      332         92          87,952
W5KFT     N5LT      SOHP SSB    1847        179       1,017,973
K5NA      KI5DR     SOHP SSB    1533        168         805,244
N5OT      WM5R      SOHP SSB    1177     67      78     502,425
KC5YKX    KC5YKX    SOLP SSB     132         39          16,458
NA4M      NA4M      SOHP MIX     126         48          14,592
WQ5C      WQ5C      SOLP MIX     447        141         187,107
K5NZ      K5NZ      SOQP MIX     404        105         115,500
NX5M      many      MS MIX      1958        200       1,234,800
W5ZL      many      MS MIX       809        162         426,708

(W5ZL ops: W5ZL, W5EK)
(NX5M ops: NX5M, KB5ZFO, NT5TU, KU5B, K5GA)

"This was my first foray into a contest in about seven years, and I had a good time. It was nice just to listen to the bands again. I was looking for a good contest to practice in and this fit the agenda nicely. Decent rate, the need to hunt for mults and having to stay alert since you only get a shot a things one time generally. Plus the 24 hour format left time for me to get home, sleep, and still get to church and play with the kids." - N5LT (@ W5KFT)

"This was my first contest effort in some time. I couldn't get the computer to key good CW, so I used the paddles for the whole contest. The antenna is a log periodic at 55', with a couple of wires hanging from the tower. I like this contest because of the 24 hour period." - AD5A

"Well, we had some storms Saturday morning, and a new antenna to put on the USS Lexington, so I did not get started until late. I did manage to increase my 20 meter DXCC total by eleven countries." - KC5YKX

"I operated about five hours in the IARU - all on CW. It can be rather frustrating from up here in Colorado with simple antennas and marginal conditions - that was the case Saturday morning. Late Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, it was much different though - there were nice 20 meter conditions to Europe, and I worked nearly everything I could hear. I even worked some South America and Pacific DX on 40 meters. I put up a 20 meter ground plane just before the contest, and it was slightly better on many DX signals." - N5AW (@ N5AW/0)

"My first IARU. Very interesting contest - I think I'll be entering many more." - K5YA

"Thanks to N5TW for generously sharing his superb station, most of which was working - hi! This was my third SO2R effort, and the first where I actually felt pretty comfortable. 693 QSOs (72%) were on the CQ radio, and 274 (28%) were on the search and pounce radio. Neither Ten-Tec Orion had to be rebooted during the contest." - KE5C (@ N5TW)

"Bob W5EK and I had planned to operate from Marv N5AW's fabulous QTH on the mountain, but my 92.9 year old mother took a spill during the week, so this was not a good time to be out of easy reach. Instead, Bob and I split time from my QTH this weekend operating M/S with my barefoot Icom IC-756 Pro II. Doing this contest as a multi-op single transmitter entry makes for a pretty casual contest compared to you diehards who went it alone (and didn't mow your lawn, take naps, and read a book while the other guy slaved away.)" - W5ZL

"What a contest. Always fun. Always something different. I only got in nine hours operating time this year. Saturday night on 20 meters was awesome. Stations I had been beating my head against the wall earlier to try to make myself heard were now hearing me first call in pileups." - KG5U

"I worked the second radio hard, and called CQ/ran stations almost all the time. My mano-a mano contest here in ITU Zone 7 is with K5GN, as we get similar conditions. We can't compete with ITU Zone 8 stations on European multipliers (especially on the low bands) and points-per-QSO. 20 meters here is not the constant well of sweet European water! It's clear from K5GN's multiplier numbers that I didn't find the HQ stations well. Dave beat me again with much better multiplier totals. I finally matched Dave on QSOs, but I missed the 10 meter opening to Europe." - N3BB

"Daytime Saturday was fairly frustrating with low power, a low wire and a vertical. The evening brought better propagation, but it was still a fight to get eastern Europe and Russian stations over the pole to copy me. South America, which usually has good propagation from here was dismal both in numbers heard and ability to be heard. Rising noise in the neighborhood is making matters worse - I traced one noise source down right to the shack, but there are no points for QSO with your printer!" - AC5AA

"I had a Ton-O-Fun this weekend! I chickened out at the last second, and decided to stick with simplicity and not jump into SO2R without practicing. The second Yaesu FT-1000MP was set up and ready, but I ended up making only two QSOs on the second radio. Funny story of the weekend: having to listen to me say the word "frequency" (as in 'listening this frequency and...') Apparently the lips gave out around twenty hours after the start of the contest... I sounded like Porky Pig ('Fweeeckency!')" - KI5DR (@ K5NA)

"A 40/20 parallel inverted vee dipole up about 20 feet just doesn't play during the summer doldrums and the downward side of the solar cycle. I had a hard time working some folks that I thought should have been easy. It was a fun time anyway. Amazingly, I worked more DX on 40 meters than I did on 20 meters." - K5IID

"Due to my travel schedule, I was unable to operate the contest from central Texas. Mark N5OT was very generous in offering me the use of his station in Osage county, Oklahoma. This was my first HF contest effort from outside of the state of Texas." - WM5R (@ N5OT)

"I did a semi-serious effort, mainly S&P. I missed the fun on 20 meters after midnight, though." - WQ5C


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