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Contest Score Rumors

2004 CTDXCC ARRL International DX Contest, CW

Station   Op      Category         QSOs   Mults     Score
KG5U      KG5U    SOAB QP           512    230    353,280
N5AW      N5AW    SOAB LP          1468    412  1,814,448
K2UR      K2UR    SOAB LP           450    177    238,950
KC5YKX    KC5YKX  SOAB LP           124     99     36,828
W5ZL      W5ZL    SOAB LP A         168    133     67,032
K5NA      K5NA    SOAB HP          2133    418  2,655,972
N2LA      N2LA    SOAB HP          1343    444  1,787,544
W5KFT     K5PI    SOAB HP           625    155    290,625
KS5V      KS5V    SOAB HP           369    180    199,260
K5YA      K5YA    SOAB HP           315    123    116,235
NA4M      NA4M    SOAB HP           123     85     31,365
N3BB      N3BB    SOAB HP A        2167    485  3,146,484
N5TW      KE5C    SOSB HP 40        685     94    193,170 
K5NZ      many    M/S  HP          2390    539  3,861,396

K5NZ ops: NT5TU, N5RP, K5MR, K5GA, K5NZ

"This was my FIRST CW contest ever, and it was painful. 30 WPM is not nice on a newbie! I am still hearing dits and dahs. All contacts made in this contest were for DXCC purposes, as I had no CW contacts prior to the event. I have done a lot of listening, but no operating. I felt like a LID a lot of the time, trying to get the hang of things and the flow. I know I made a few operators scratch their heads, but we made it through." - KC5YKX

"The low bands were as good as I can ever remember in a contest. I bested my previous record for total multipliers by 26. I also beat last year's QSO total. You know 10 meters is on the way down, though, when a low power guy in Texas works more Europeans on 80 meters than 10 meters (72 vs. 54.)" - N5AW

"Thanks to the crew for making this a fun weekend! We had some good laughs, good food, and made a few contacts to boot! How bout' them low bands!!!" - K5NZ

"My only night-time effort was Friday, working 40 meters. I was surprised at how good it was for me. Next time, when I don't have to work on Saturday, I'll have to put in more effort and get down to 80 & 160 with my pea-shooter and give the big guns a laugh." - KS5V

"Thanks again to Tom N5TW, for sharing his wonderful station, including his new kitten who kept asking for kitty treats until I firmly closed the door. I felt like conditons on 40 meters weren't as good as the past few years when we've done a M/2 from this station, but seeing other scores suggest that I just wasn't in the saddle. However, I still had a lot of fun, and my last four QSOs produced two new and exotic countries (for the contest, not the station) and a lot of excitement." - KE5C (@ N5TW)

"I was just hunting for new CW band-mode countries, so I worked all S&P. Other than low-hanging fruit (the loud and easy to work stations) on the higher bands, I pretty much stuck to 160, 80 and 40 meters, where I have many DXCC needs since having reset the counter a year ago. I picked up eight new ones on 160, eighteen on 80, and eight on 40." - W5ZL

"This was my first semi-serious DX contest in many years, and I really wanted to see how my 65 year old body would hold up. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was with only four hours sleep per night. I had a nice JA run on 15 meters on Saturday, and a surprise opening on Sunday on 10 meters with only two hours to go. I had a few friendly duels over stations with N3BB. The results were mixed, with the edge going to Jim." - N2LA

"Illness kept me from operating for more hours, but not from the fun. Next year, I will definitely have a 160 meter antenna. I'm continually amazed at how a small change in the pointing direction of the antenna will make the difference between being heard and not being heard when operating QRP. This is most noticeable with OH/SM/LA, G, EA and CT. Yet, I can sometimes make QSOs off the back of the beam: e.g., HC8, J88, PJ2, and P40 when looking for JAs. Fun!" - KG5U

"I only did a part-time effort. I only worked 10, 15, and 20 meters, as I did not want to get on much at night, in order to give the neighbors a break. I ran 100 watts to my indoor dipoles, and conditions must have been really good if you had a beam outside..." - K2UR

"Well, this was quite a weekend. I was nervous as K5NA has beaten me for three straight years, and so I was trying to even the score a little. At 0525Z I noticed that the left radio had lost its RF sensitivity. I could hear very weak signals, but everyone was 60 db down. Apparently, I had blown it while transmitting on 160 extensively while listening to 80 meters while SO2Ring and the left radio was using the beverages which were not protected by any strong signal protection. I got back on the air a refreshed man at 2309Z and I tuned 10 meters and found some JAs for my JA mult there. The run was not great, but 15 was dazzling to JA and so I found a frequency and started back up. The JA run was excellent on 15 meters. I also found that packet was a lot of fun, and it was the first time I have used packet in a contest since 1997, when we won the IARU as M/S. I enjoyed seeing the spots, and soon learned that the pile ups on a new spot get crazy! This is old stuff for experienced multi and assisted operators, but it was an amazing experience for me. Bottom line, I felt pretty good physically, and went the whole way the rest of the contest, which is very unusual for me." - N3BB

"We had a busy weekend, with my son visiting from Montana. I managed to check the bands after everyone went to sleep." - K5YA

"This year, except for bathroom breaks, I was in the chair for 48 hours. I have found that with a comfortable operating chair, I can just lean back and nap for an hour and be fresh enough to get going again. I did that twice this year with an hour nap on Saturday morning and another hour on Sunday morning. When I am napping, I leave my headphones on and the volume turned up so that when my body is ready, the noise from the headphones wakes me up. I get just enough sleep to refresh myself, and there is no danger of oversleeping. I just wish I was a better operator, so I could take advantage of this new-found ability." - K5NA

"I had planned to operate from KH6, but I was called home early for some silly work fire drill. :-( Anyway, I made it out to W5KFT for a few hours and had a blast. The conditions were really good." - K5PI (@ W5KFT)


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