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Contest Score Rumors

2004 CTDXCC ARRL 160 Meter Contest

Call   Station  Op    Category    QSOs   Sects  Ctys   Score
K5NA    K5NA    K5NA    SOAB HP   1374    80     35    347,070   
K5NZ    K5NZ    K5NZ    SOAB HP    568    74     16    115,560
NX5M    NX5M    NX5M    SOAB HP    150    52      6     18,270
NA4M    NA4M    NA4M    SOAB HP     71    34      1      5,075
W5JAW   W5JAW   W5JAW   SOAB LP    138    57      1     15,732
N5TW    N5TW    many    MS HP     1195    77     31    285,336
AB5K    AB5K    many    MS HP      370    70      0     52,010

N5TW ops: K5PI, KE5C, N5TW

"The ARRL 160 Meter Contest has always been my favorite contest, and it is a tradition for me to enter as a single-op. Twenty years ago, I won this contest several times. Now my goal is to do the best I can, and to see if I can finish in the Top Ten. I might have a chance to do that this year, but there are a lot of fine operators at excellent stations ahead of me. My biggest surprise this year was working a SWEEP. I got all 80 sections and this is the first time I have ever done that. I wonder if anyone had ever done it before in the ARRL 160 Meter Contest? Could this be a first?" - K5NA

"This was a last-minute deal with K5PI calling Friday afternoon wanting to do a multiop with KE5C. K5PI took Friday night, with KE5C doing Saturday, and I did a tiny bit of operating during a couple of breaks. The bands were superb except for the last few hours of the second night, where the bottom seemed to drop out of things. There was good propagation to W5 and low noise. Many DX stations called in - always a good thing from W5. The DX highlight had to be Chak JT1CO calling in. Most of the antennas were inspired by ON4UN's book, so it's always great when ON4UN calls in. Thanks to Robert and John for coming over!" - N5TW

"Working weekends makes serious contesting difficult, so I just played around S&Ping to give out points." - NA4M

A couple of hams in the neighborhood, Joe K5FOG, and Greg WD0ACD spend most of their spare time maintaining the DILLO network, a network of 50 plus linked repeaters across the state. Normally you never find these guys below 144 MHz. On Friday, Greg contacted me and asked if I wanted to do the ARRL 160 Meter Contest. We spent Friday afternoon tuning the 80 meter vertical down to 160 meters. It still had a little issue when the contest started - the reflected power at the start of a CQ was 100 watts, and at the end of a CQ was 250 watts. Something was heating up, but it was good enough for operating. Greg and Joe did most of the operating. They adapted quickly to N1MM logger and did very well. Maybe I can talk them into a few more contests." - AB5K


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