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Contest Score Rumors

2004 CTDXCC ARRL 10 Meter Contest

Call    Station    Op     Category   QSOs   Mults     Score
KG5U     KG5U     KG5U    SO QP CW    416     67    111,488
N5TW     N5TW     N5TW    SO QP CW    240     59     56,640
KI5DR    KI5DR    KI5DR   SO LP MIX    46     28      3,192
K5TR     K5TR     WM5R    SO HP SSB  1502    103    309,412
KC5YKX   KC5YKX   KC5YKX  SO LP SSB   385     58     44,660
NX5M     NX5M     many    MS HP MIX  1949    215  1,201,420
KS5V     KS5V     many    MS HP MIX   880    139    324,704

NX5M ops: K5GN, N5DUW, N5XJ, NX5M
KS5V ops: KS5V, W5JLR

"Saturday morning, about 1645 UTC, I heard W6/W7s starting to come in. I found an open spot and began CQing. At one point, my rate meter was at 132 - I don't recall ever seeing it that high. Sunday wasn't as productive - too bad there's not a way for passing stations to let you know they hear you but worked you already. I worked only one country in Africa: V51. No Europe, Asia, or Australia. Worked a (the?) ZL on Saturday afternoon with the beam pointing east-south-east (did I really work him LP on 10?)." - KG5U

"I did not get started until 1500 UTC Saturday. I had a pipeline to the northeast and northwest both days from about 1700 UTC to 2000 UTC. South America and the Caribbean were also in all contest. I worked no European stations and no Asian stations. I did put two ZLs in the log and a CT3 and a 5U for Africa. The runs were fun while they lasted, and the slight Eskip on Saturday night was nice. I was not on very much, so maybe I missed some openings as well. The rate meter did hit 300 once and I maintained a couple of 100+ hours." - KC5YKX

"It was fun for a little gun station. I would guess we operated about 30 of the 48 hours. The band sure died Sunday afternoon." - KS5V

"I spent Friday night putting up my vertical (18' fiberglass stick, base is six feet off ground) in the back yard and running some coax out to it. I pulled the Icom IC-706 out of my bag (the first time for it to be on the air since Texas QSO Party!) I started out 100% S&P operating SSB only, but late Saturday there was an opening to the Black Hole, and I felt confident enough to skim through the CW bands after trying out MorseRunner. No keying circuits, no rig control, no packet, just nice simple Bencher paddles at 22 WPM. A few months of practicing with this, and look out world!" - KI5DR

"Last year was so great. It seemed like 10 meters was open to everywhere in the USA, particularly on the first day last year, including states near and far. This year was another matter. Friday started out OK, but I made about 23% of my total QSOs Friday night. Conditions were rough for QRP for most of the contest from here. When the band was open, it was usually very long. There was lots of fast, heavy QSB Sunday that is really rough on QRP. I did manage to work some close in stuff using backscatter - a challenge with QRP." - N5TW

"I worked only about a third as many European QSOs as I did last year, but the big difference was in the number of W/VE QSOs: I made 874 more W/VE QSOs (69% more) last year. I also missed four states and provinces (Idaho, Montana, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba) this year that had been sure things in years past. Last year, I had eight consecutive hours of 100+ QSOs on Saturday. This year, I only had three 100+ hours all weekend. I worked fewer DX stations in every part of the world except South America, where my QSO total improved from 67 last year to 86 this year." - WM5R (@ K5TR)

"The last four hours were the pits. It is bad enough on a Sunday afternoon under normal conditions, but when the band goes totally flat it makes for a long afternoon. The other two operators that were here for Sunday left before it was over so I kept myself in the chair and logged a grand total of five qsos in the last hour. It looks like the two aces, K1TO and K6AW (NE4AA), have beat up on us again. I guess the only way to stop losing to these guys is to have them come here for next year." - NX5M


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